Vaidya – Healthcare, the Sai Way

Following the guidance of Bhagawan, a specialty child cardiac-care hospital was established at Naya Raipur, Chattisgarh in 2012, under the Sri Sathya Sai Health and Education Trust, a public charitable trust.

Built in record time of just nine months, the hospital offers diagnostic cardiology services and surgical treatment of congenital heart diseases, totally free of cost. The key guiding principles of the institution are to provide universal, free, loving, comprehensive and preventive healthcare to all.

In accordance with Bhagawan’s vision of providing the complete care spectrum of preventive, educative and curative health care, taking quality healthcare to every doorstep remains this hospital’s motto.

Another such child cardiac-care hospital is currently being constructed in Haryana. More such temples of healing will be set up over a 10-year period in Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal and other geographies of the country, where affordable healthcare is still the privilege of a few.

  • PATIENT Stats – to be updated
  • Total Patient walk-ins around 19,500
  • More than 8,000 out patients treated
  • Over 1,800 cardiac surgeries performed
  • More than 6,000 rural children screened
  • Totally Free of Cost

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Global Health Mission

In the current phase of Bhagawan’s mission, healthcare projects aren’t just limited to India. Free hospitals, providing good and quality healthcare, are in the offing in other countries too.

In July 2016, the Aruike Hospital (the hospital of good health) in Enugu, Nigeria became operational. This is the first hospital outside India to offer healthcare services completely free. To read about how a selfless prayer led to the setting up this hospital, click here

Work is in progress to set up a hospital in Sri Lanka currently.