Beloved in My Town – Jasna Dogic

“Long time ago I was reaching for faraway India in order to lay down my heart in front of the feet of the Beloved one. Today my Beloved one has stood in front of me. A long time ago I went through the thousands of dusty kilo meters in order to reach the house of the Beloved one.

Today, the Beloved one was in my house. In my town.

Harbinger of Love, Joy & Hope – Osman Hasanpašić, Croatia

I do not know how long I will stay in this body since I turned 73, but I know April 22nd 2015 I will never forget. It was the day when I met the beloved Baba again and felt His love and His warmth. From the mouth of a young man Baba’s beautiful loving words were running.

The Glory of God in Croatia – Ms. Connie Shaw

The day that was rapidly unfolding was destined to be filled with surprises and blessings. For example, the overall energy quality and intensity level present in the hall, due to the vibrations of the attendees, was incomparable.

He Continues in the Light Form – Sri. R.Kondala Rao

During last three years, we had the fortunate opportunity of Swami coming to our house in the ‘Light Form’ many a time and blessing us. Every time, He is advising us to provide safe drinking water to the public as service in the divine mission. As per His advice, we have to provide drinking Water for Adilabad district in the State of Telangana and later take up some parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Experiencing the Omnipresence of Baba After the Mahasamadhi – Pandit Sri Shivkumar Sharma

I experienced Baba’s Omnipresence many a time, which I had shared with Sai devotees in different articles in the past. But the purpose of sharing my experience this time is: How after the Mahasamadhi Swami established contact with my whole family and me.

Ceaseless Shower of Grace – Dr. J Shashidara Prasad

One of the mandates of Swami was that I should earnestly hasten up the process of starting the new campus of His University in Muddenahalli. Also He mentioned that He is going to stay in the hilltop building there.

It is the Same Love and Compassion – Sri Indulal Shah & Late Smt. Sarala Shah

My fellow Sai devotees, Swami was all about his mission to uplift the humanity and raise our consciousness which He continues to do even today. Be a part of this noble mission that continues, and be blessed.

How it all Started – Sri Madhusudhan

It was on the last day of our trip to Kodaikanal with Bhagawan in the summer of 2003, while doing padaseva to Swami; He playfully knocked on my head and asked, “What will you do next, Sir?”