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Divine Visit – Bandipur, Ooty and Mandya – Day…

February 29, 2016 • Updates

Swami’s trip to Bandipur, Ooty and Mandya started in the early hours on Monday, February 29. With a whole bunch of excited more

How do we become dear to God? – Summary…

February 28, 2016 • Discourse Summaries

Satsanga or good company does not mean getting into gatherings like this, or involving ourselves in the chanting of the name of more

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates Sri Sathya Sai Sowbhagyam…

February 23, 2016 • Updates

Prime Minster Sri Narendra Modi arrived at the hall that looked celestial, with the multitude of tiny little lights, about 5000 more

Give up selfish desires and perform one selfless act…

February 14, 2016 • Discourse Summaries

When we look at creation we see many things but not the one God who is behind everything. With our physical eyes, we can only see more

Love alone can help one understand the principle of…

February 11, 2016 • Discourse Summaries

God neither has a particular name nor a particular form. How do human beings who have this body- mind complex really understand more

Blood Cancer Cancelled

February 11, 2016 • Experiences

Swami's compassion is usually described in a cliche as being "boundless". We use this term freely, without fully understanding more

Develop firm faith in God first- Summary of Divine…

February 7, 2016 • Discourse Summaries

Every thought, every word, every action should be offered to God with love. Whether you give Me a fruit or a leaf or a drop of more

We are not the Body; we are not the…

February 4, 2016 • Discourse Summaries

There is some subtle inner significance when I call someone as ‘Bangaru’. You don’t get anything out of gold; it is like more