Summer Showers in Alike – Day Two – 31 May, 2016

He said that “in the Bhagawad Gita, Krishna says that whoever offers a leaf, a flower, a fruit or a drop of water with devotion, I accept. But the inner meaning is that leaf of body, on which the pleasures of senses are served like various food preparations, must be offered to God first at a young age. The flower of heart, filled with nectarine ambrosia of love, should be bereft of the thorns of ‘I and mine’, and should be offered to God. The results of all our actions is the fruit that needs to be offered, and just like we would not offer stale and rotten fruits to God, we should desist from wrong actions that will have wrong results. Finally, the drop of water is not the tears that flow out of pain and agony of the worldly problems, but rather they should be tears of Bliss, out of selfless devotion for Lord”.

Summer Showers in Alike – Day One – 30 May, 2016

Swami reassured everyone that if they have faith in Swami, He would take care of everything. “Quoting the example of Anna, who offers his all at the altar of service to mankind, and remains immortal even today by being remembered by all, where as the students do not remember their own great grand orients who’s lineage they belong to. Only those who live for others truly live and remain immortal in the memories of mankind, Such noble people of sacrifice are like engines that pull the train of society towards God”.

When can you attain God? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 27 May, 2016 (Evening Session)

Where there is faith, there is love. Where there is love, there is truth. Where there is truth, there is peace. Where there is peace, there is God. Where there is God, there is bliss. First and foremost, you have to develop faith and ultimately, you can attain bliss. You have to develop faith that God loves everyone and protects everyone and gives what is required.


National Youth Meet 2016 – Day Three – 27 May, 2016 (Evening Session)

a devotee approached Ramakrishna with the desire to be able to experience God. Swami Ramakrishna, on the pretext of revealing God to the devotee, takes him to a well and pushes him into it. The devotee frantically begins to scream from inside the well, asking Ramakrishna to rescue him. At that instant, Ramakrishna tells the devotee that when the yearning for God is as intense as it is to be rescued from the well, God will surely reveal Himself.

What is Education? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 27 May, 2016 (Morning Session)

The word vidya has two letters – vi and dya. ‘Vid’ means to know, ‘ya’ means that. True education is to know ‘that’. When you ask the question, what is ‘that’: that is the principle of Truth. The ultimate goal of education and vidya is to know that Truth, which is eternal, permanent, steady and changeless. From ajnana (ignorance), first we know vijnana (science). But from vijnana, we have to rise to sujnana – the good wisdom – that is spiritual education. When both vijnana and sujnana get together, it leads to prajnana, the complete wisdom.


National Youth Meet 2016 – Day Three – 27 May, 2016 (Morning Session)

“In order to dispel the darkness of ignorance, we need to undertake spiritual sadhana. The spiritual core of every religion should be embraced and accepted. It is like how the various disciplines in the field of science – physics, chemistry, biology, etc. – are all required for completing a course. Similarly, spirituality is a course wherein the various disciplines are represented by the various religions.

What is Dharma? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 26 May, 2016 (Evening Session)

The life of Rama revolved around practising and adhering to the word of dharma. When He was in the life of an exile in the forest, He adhered to the dharma of a husband. At that time, He was not the king. When He returned to Ayodhya and became the king of Ayodhya, He had to practise the dharma of a king.


National Youth Meet 2016 – Day Two – 26 May, 2016 (Evening Session)

Every human being has three types of dharma to practise – the individual dharma, family dharma and societal dharma. As an individual you may be a son or a father or a brother or a sister or a mother or a daughter but all this is individual dharma. But when you look at the family dharma, you are a member of the family, you can sacrifice individual dharma for family dharma.

What is Dharma? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 26 May, 2016(Morning Session)

If you look at the last stanza of the Bhagavad Gita, it says “Wherever there is Yogeeshwara Krishna, wherever there is the bow-wielding Arjuna, and there is going to be victory, prosperity and steady morality”. The last word of the Bhagavad Gita is mama, hence the essence of the entire Bhagavad Gita can be paraphrased with the last word and the first word of the Bhagavad Gita


National Youth Meet 2016 – Day Two – 26 May, 2016 (Morning Session)

“Ramayana is not mythology but is a part of ‘Itihaas’ (history), meaning ‘an event that has happened’. Ramayana is history written poetically, philosophically, historically and musically with symbolism”, he explained, while elaborating on the meanings and significances of the names of certain characters and places in Ramayana.

When you think of God, He thinks of you too

It isn’t said in vain that we should believe to experience and experience to continue believing. The story of this Sai Youth from Canada reinforces just that. It’s a timely reminder that there are no co-incidences in the life of a Sai devotee; every incident is divinely ordained and planned to precision by Bhagawan Himself. Read on to find out how Bhagawan touched the life of this young man, and proved to him that He is indeed the indweller of his heart. Read more

“There is only one religion, the religion of Love” – Summary of Divine Discourse on 25 May, 2016 (Morning Session)

God is one; the only one. In the word ‘Bharata’ there are three letters; ‘Bha’, ‘Ra’ and ‘Ta’. ‘Bha’ means ‘Bhagavantha’ or God, ‘Ratha’ is one who revels in the joy of God, one who loves God and derives bliss and joy therein. Those who love God, and derive joy and bliss from God are the Bharatheeyas or Indians.

Love is the essence of all religions – Summary of Divine Discourse on 25 May, 2016

If you develop faith, you can achieve anything in life. Faith is the basis of all the religions. Only when you develop faith in the truth that you are the embodiment of love, you are the embodiment of the atma, you are the embodiment of the divine


National Youth Meet 2016 – Day One – 25 May, 2016 (Evening Session)

God is one and that is the fundamentality of all religions. While everything is consciousness and there is constant integrated awareness – that exists with us all the time, we also have to realise that everything we do is for God. Religion divides and unites humanity across the globe. But the essence of all religions is that we are all divine.


National Youth Meet 2016 – Day One – 25 May, 2016 (Morning Session)

The National Youth Meet 2016 began with much aplomb and fanfare. The holy precincts of Sathya Sai Grama bore a festive look, welcoming all the delegates, students and guests from across India. Close to 1,400 delegates had gathered at the Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutham auditorium to take part in the three-day Meet.

Kodaikanal – 21 May, 2016

If everybody plays his or her role well, he will get proximity to God, divine grace and get another opportunity to play a good role. “All this is fancy dress. God Himself is putting on various costumes and playing different roles. It is not different people actually. There is only one divine principle in everybody. The same God is putting on various roles and acting those roles!”

Kodaikanal – 20 May, 2016

When one is in deep sleep state, he wouldn’t know that he is in deep sleep state. Only as long as we have the mind, we think all this world exists. Even in the wakeful state, there is a mind. When a car is moving, it is driver who is driving it, car cannot move on its own. Therefore, if a car is moving on the road, we will easily understand there is a driver driving it. Whether we see him or not, we can infer that driver is there. All the actions that flow through our body they are emerging from the mind not from the body. Only as long as you have the mind, you think all this exists.

Kodaikanal – 19 May, 2016

Swami spoke vividly about the relation between Swami and the students. He said that their relationship is of many births, right from the times of Rama. The monkeys who selflessly fought the battle for Rama were blessed to be born a Gopika and Gopalas when Lord Krishna incarnated. They were yet again blessed to be with Swami as His students.

Sai – My Divine Counsellor

When Deepika, a Sai Youth from Bangalore was at major crossroads in her academic life, Bhagawan came to her aid, guiding her to make the right decision. While she came to Swami as a young Bal Vikas student, it was only in the later years that she cemented a loving relationship with Him. She is currently pursuing her engineering degree in Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

In this article she shares her experiences with Swami and the divine lessons He taught her through them. Read on:

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Kodaikanal – 18 May, 2016

Man’s effort is very important in all fields including spirituality, there is no substitute to hard work and practise. God’s grace will be wasted if efforts are not put, like rainwater would not get collected in a pot that is upside down. Swami said that you must do your duty first and expect results later. Quoting two very important slokas from Bhagwad gita, “Ananyaschintayanto Mam …” and “Sarvadharmaan Parityajya..” , Swami explained how we always talk about the second line of the verse which carries the promise of protection given by Krisna, but fail to follow the first line which talks about what the devotee needs to do in the first place. Swami said that we must put our efforts first to utilise the grace well.