What is the Dharma of Indians? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 30 June 2016

Only when human beings recognise their divine nature, behave in a divine way and understand that everybody belongs to one family, can there be peace in the world. For a train to move forward, the engine is very important. When the engine moves forward, the compartments will also move forward. The whole world – other countries are like compartments in a train but India is like the engine. The responsibility of taking this train of the world on the rails of Sathya and Dharma, truth and right conduct, belongs to Indians.


His Vajra Sankalpa transcends time and space

While we were performing the Bhoomi Pooja for the Sathya Sai Premaniketanam School in Bijapur district, Swami gave instructions to the Chief Architect about how the prayer hall and auditorium should be. Swami did not mention anything about the school building. The architect, gathering his nerves, asked, “Swami, why such a huge prayer hall for a school?”

Swami’s reply to this simple questions revealed how long-term His plans truly were! While our understanding of His work and mission was limited, His plans transcended time, as we typically comprehended it.

From Shirdi Sai to Sathya Sai

In the dream, Shirdi Baba, garbed in a white robe, appeared before me and started scolding me for not believing in the triple avatarhood! He then explained the concept to me, quoting words and lines from the very Sai Satcharitra that I swore by. “What is it that you doubt when I am present in all the living forms in this universe, I am present in all the saints and the gurus. Open your inner eyes and you shall see this truth.”


Experiencing Him is the key to Liberation

On one hand, Sri Krishna has said, “Those who understand the inner significance of My descent shall be liberated.” While on the other, Sai Krishna has said, “Don’t attempt to understand Me. Experience Me and be blissful”. What exactly should we do then? Thankfully, our dear Lord Sai Krishna has given a way out of this spiritual conundrum too. The answer lies in the simple annotation that He has often reiterated – If you experience Me, you would be liberated.

Divine Visit – Chihuahua, Mexico – June 21 and 22, 2016

People think they are service minded, they are compassionate, they are loving; this is also a kind of attachment. The ego that comes from animal or human qualities are easy to get rid off. But the ego that comes from thinking we are better than others because we are more compassionate and kind, is the most difficult to shed. But humans are such that they take credit for anything good, and blame God for any failure or negativity.”

Divine Visit – Newport Beach, Irvine – June 20, 2016

Start with every day, every moment doing something which will help you love others and serve others and that is what will ultimately reach Swami. As Tigrett said, there are millions of people waiting for this opportunity. By some good deeds of the past and by grace of God, you have attained this rarest of the rare opportunity. Make good use of it. Else, history will remember us as people who had been given much but they wasted it away without understanding its value!”

Divine Visit – Newport Beach, USA – June 19, 2016

A boy asked Me, “Swami, what is Your greatest miracle?” I said, “My miracle is not that so many devotees have come to Me from so many parts of the world though I travelled nowhere but My miracle is despite Me being around, doing so many things, there were billions who could not get My darshan; I kept them away to give opportunity to you all and now that you have received the opportunity at the cost of so many more who are no less deserving than you, it is your responsibility to lead your life in a way that becomes an example to them!”

Divine Visit – Santa Clara, USA – June 18, 2016

Swami compared the nature of the Sage to Lord Shiva, and said that both were similar with regard to their temperaments. However there is one difference, with God Shiva the principle is of reflection, reaction and resound. If we love God, He reflects and manifests the love multi fold. If we say anything against God, it will come back as a reflection of the same thoughts. God only magnifies. When Draupadi offered a leaf to krishna praying for protection from Sage Durvasa and his disciples who was waiting to be fed, Lord krishna took one leaf but multiplied in a way that all the bellies of Durvasa and his disciples were filled. Same Draupadi when tied a bandage on the bleeding finger of Krishna, it came to her rescue as yards and yards of saree in the court of Kauravas. What good you do, it amplifies and comes back to you. God is just a witness; He will not change the quality of the offering. How God behaves with us, depends on how we behave with God.” Indeed a very powerful statement!

Divine Visit – San Jose, USA – June 17, 2016

The whole world is based on the principle of mind. Therefore the Vedas say Manomoolam Idam jagat – mind is the basis of this entire creation. What does this truly mean? To understand this, we must understand what is mind and what its role in our lives is. Mind is simply put, a bundle of all our thoughts. Like a piece of cloth is made by weaving threads vertically and horizontally, mind is also weaved with all kinds of thoughts. These thoughts are not just the ones that we entertain now as we live here but these are the thoughts that have accompanied us from our earlier incarnations. And every time a thought adds on the cloth becomes thicker and thicker. Likewise, the mind becomes denser and denser. Mind carries all the thoughts right from the moment this jeevatma or the individual soul separates from the Paramatma or the universal consciousness. It carries it through all the times that it lives on this earth and therefore, it starts forming its own impressions of the world around itself. This mind is the way we perceive the world. A divine mind will see the world as divine. An impure mind will find impurities everywhere. This is the basis of our understanding of the world.

Divine Visit – San Jose, USA – June 16, 2016

⁠⁠⁠Swami in His discourse stressed about the thought of realising the divinity in each person. “It is very, very easy to become God. It is very difficult to remain human.” Swami said that it is very easy to be divine, because that is the reality. “If you have to be what you are, it is natural for you, it is simple for you, it is easy for you. If you have to be somebody else, then it is going to be difficult, it is going to be cumbersome, it is going to be burdensome. If a boy has to be a boy, it is very easy; if he has to act in a drama, let us say, like a girl, it is difficult because he has to put on makeup, a costume and behave like one. Therefore, what you truly are is divine and it is very easy to remain divine, to be divine. All the misery, all the sorrow, all the difficulty that we face in our lives is because we are trying to be something else which we truly are not. Therefore, in order to hold on to that image, that identity, that role that we are not is causing all the difficulties, pains and sufferings. If you just become what you truly are, it is going to be very, very easy. In fact, there is no effort at all. To hold on to something is difficult. You have to hold on to it with some effort. To give up a thing is very, very easy. Therefore, according to Me, spirituality, divinity, being what you are is the easiest thing you can do, easier than sipping a glass of water. Believe this is first. Because you are divine, it is easy to be what you are; it is difficult to be what you are not.”


Endless Bliss

But soon the time for rejoicing came, as Swami came back! Not that He ever went anywhere. We have all heard and/or read in the Bible that Jesus Christ came back after three days – that is termed as resurrection. Four months after He left the body, Swami appeared to me. It was July 2011

Divine Visit – Boston and San Jose, USA – June 14, 2016

Spirituality is beyond science, and is a full circle; science is only a half circle. Science is a part of spirituality. Everything is a part of spirituality and divine principal. In spiritual realms, there are no constraints of time, space and circumstances, and they have no reason of logic. The laws of spirituality are the laws of love. As God decides, He does. As God wants, He behaves! As God likes, He says. No one can restrict or limit God!”

Divine Visit – Boston, USA – June 12 and 13, 2016

First teaching Swami always taught is, “You are the embodiments of divinity, embodiments of love,” – always addressed all of us not as human beings but as divine beings. This first lesson at Guru’s Feet that we are all divine beings, if we believe, everything else will follow. The one who believes in the word of the guru definitely achieves what has got to be achieved.

Divine Visit – Ottawa, Canada – June 11, 2016

Swami told the little boy, “God made it in seven days! See, something is made by God, it should be like God, isn’t it? Like, you are born of your parents, you look like your parents, isn’t it? A little bit? Likewise, the world is created by God. Because God is love, therefore, the world has love in it. What is the nature of love? Love gives, always gives and forgives. That which is not love always gets and forgets. Giving is love. If somebody needs your help, somebody needs you, you give it away, that is love. You hold it back, that is not love. See, God created this whole universe. Every day the sun rises, isn’t it? Does it have a holiday? Does the sun have a holiday? It rises everyday. It may not be seen because of clouds but it is there for us. It doesn’t get tired of serving.

Divine Visit – Ottawa, Canada – June 10, 2016

We have to go step by step – like you came from down to up (referring to the flight of stairs everyone climbed to reach the Puja room, where the Satsang was held), you had to take many steps – if you go step by step, you can go higher. Likewise, from one stage to other, we must go step by step. Respecting the time and the circumstances and situations, we must lead our lives. There are certain rules for certain age and certain time – we must follow those rules accordingly. There are certain rules in India that govern Indians; we must follow those rules in India. There are certain rules in Canada; we must follow the rules of Canada. There are certain rules of America; we must follow those rules accordingly. Therefore, according to one’s age and time, there are certain things that need to be followed, and which one needs to be followed.


Being His instrument – Fifty Years of Love

It is solely His grace that I continue to sit at His Lotus Feet, especially at a time when millions of His devotees across the world think He’s left His mortal coils and that He’s not there. What can I say – I am ever thankful to His Love and grace – Sri Narasimha Murthy

Paropakaaram Idam Shareeram

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. This quote of Mahatma Gandhi best summarises the spiritual journey of the Hariprasad couple. Smt. Kalpana Hariprasad was introduced to Swami by her mother, and Sri Hariprasad came to Swami only after his marriage.

What is true love? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 5 June 2016

In true love, there is no question of giving and accepting. Love knows only giving and never receiving. Any love that expects something in return, cannot be true love. Only selfless love, which arises in our hearts spontaneously, flows towards everybody and serves everybody can be called true love. We do love others but once we desire something from the people whom we love, it cannot remain true love – it becomes attachment. We have taken this human birth in order to learn this true love. Love keeps expanding all the time and never contracts. Broadness of mind is a hallmark of true love. Love desires only one thing – happiness and joy of everyone.

What is the supreme quality a student should possess? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 3 June 2016

Of all the qualities that a student must possess, devotion is supreme. The power of Bhakti supersedes the power of Shakti, Yukti, Bhukti and everything else. If you look at history and the Puranas, you will see that all great beings had tremendous powers, be it Ravana, Kamsa or Duryodhana. But none of them could withstand the power of devotion of the devotees of the Lord. The power of devotion is far greater than all other powers that one can attain, be it Shakti (physical strength), Yukti (power of intelligence) or Bhukti (strength of wealth and prosperity).

Divine Visit to Gulbarga – Day Five – June 03, 2016 (Evening)

Swami in His discourse spoke about the six qualities that education must confer upon a student – ‘Sath Pravarthana or Good Conduct’, ‘Sath Buddhi or Good Intellect’, ‘Sathya Nirathi or Truthfulness’, ‘Bhakti or Devotion’, ‘Dharma Seekshana or Discipline’ and ‘Kartavya Palana or Dutifulness’. Swami emphasised that of all the six, Devotion is the most powerful and important gift of education. Picking the thread from where Sri Narasimha Murthy left, Swami spoke about Prahalada, who could not be harmed by even the most powerful demon. The ‘Shakti’ of Hiranyakashipu could not stand in front of ‘Bhakti’ of Prahalada. Similarly Ravana could not harm a helpless Sita, despite being the most powerful demons of his times, adept in 64 kinds of knowledge and 10 heads! Kamsa also could not do anything to Lord Krishna. Meera Bhai’s husband could not do anything. Swami explained that in front of Bhakti, no Shakthi, Bhukti or Yukti can overpower. Without God, everyone is a hero, otherwise a big zero! “Have God, and you will have everything”, reiterated Swami.