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What is the first quality of a true devotee?…

July 31, 2016 • Discourse Summaries

A person who is filled with love sees only love everywhere. Love is our property. What you have, you can give it to others. We more

The God of Small Things

July 28, 2016 • Featured Blogs, Speeches in the Divine Presence

I would like to recall an incident when Swami recognised such an effort, which was made for an offering to Him. When I was the more

Divine Visit to Nigeria – Enugu – July 26,…

July 26, 2016 • Updates

Bhagawan spoke of how the principle of love is universal. "Love without service is no love, and service without love is no more

My Incredible Sai – both within and without

July 26, 2016 • Experiences

While attending the youth meet was only a pretext to come to Muddenahalli and see Swami for me, it offered me more than that. I more

Divine Visit to Nigeria – Enugu – July 25,…

July 25, 2016 • Updates

After the songs by the children which filled the hearts of all gathered with much joy and love. Bhagawan then asked young Sai more

Divine Visit to Nigeria – Lagos – July 24,…

July 24, 2016 • Updates

Swami spoke briefly about the importance of devotion, and explained the nine types of devotion as prescribed in sacred texts with more

In the company of compassionate Lord Sai – Sri.…

July 24, 2016 • Featured Articles

Our earliest interaction with Swami’s Subtle Form was in January 2012. A friend had a vision in which Swami asked him to convey more

Divine Visit to Nigeria – July 22 and 23,…

July 23, 2016 • Updates

Swami's discourse was studded with beautiful analogies. Explaining how one should go inwards to realise one's true identity, He more

What is the purpose of all spiritual practices? –…

July 21, 2016 • Discourse Summaries

As long as a cinema is running, you cannot see the screen by itself. But the moment you switch off the cinema, immediately the more

The Wind beneath our Wings

July 21, 2016 • Featured Blogs, Speeches in the Divine Presence

One on occasion, when Swami was addressing a group of devotees, I was fortunate to be a part of that session. Swami said, "Do you more

Guru Purnima Celebrations – July 19, 2016 (Evening)

July 19, 2016 • Updates

The word Guru has two syllables- ‘Gu’ meaning darkness and ‘Ru’- the one who removes. Therefore, a Guru is one who more

Guru Purnima Celebrations – July 19, 2016 (Morning)

July 19, 2016 • Updates

A sense of festive fervour hung in the air as the students and devotees gathered in the majestic Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutham more

How can you develop divine consciousness? – Summary of…

July 19, 2016 • Discourse Summaries

When Swami tells us you are an embodiment of bliss and love, we have to completely believe it and make it the basis of our lives. more

Guru Purnima Celebrations – July 18, 2016 (Evening)

July 18, 2016 • Updates

While the first day of the Guru Purnima Celebrations in Muddenahalli showcased the cultural extravaganza of the European more