Serve God selflessly and become immortal – Summary Divine Discourse on 27th October 2016

As long as you have the body, you have a father, mother, brothers, sisters and children. But once the body is gone, all these relationships will vanish. Similarly, when the mind is filled with love, you think that a particular person is your friend. And when the same mind develops hatred for that person, he becomes your enemy.

Divine Visit – Argentina – Bariloche – October 18, 2016

To every shadow there has to be an object. Every object casts a shadow. Without object, there cannot be a shadow. By catching hold of the shadow, one cannot get the object. Shadows change with time. During the morning, a long shadow is cast and at noon is is at your feet. Shadow change with time, but you do not change. Such is the relation between world and God. World is unreal, God is real. World changes with time, and God is constant. If you go behind the shadow of the world, you cannot get God.

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Divine Visit – Argentina – Buenos Aires to Bariloche – October 17, 2016

“Like the waves in the lake outside, man comes into existence and disappears after a while, whereas the lake remains as it is. We all are born from God, live in God and finally merge in God. This temporary existence of separate identity is only illusory”.

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Divine Visit – Argentina – October 16, 2016

“Everything in the universe is born out of love, sustained by love and ultimately everything merges in to love. Whatever Swami did, does and will ever do is purely out of love. His coming in to this world was an act of love, His living in this world was an act of love, His leaving this world was also an act of love and now confining this way of also an act of love.”

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Swami is always with us and will never forget us – Dr. Geza Sebastian

At the beginning of this year my wife Gisela and I felt very strongly the inner call in our hearts to visit Swami in Muddenahalli. Immediately after that call, we booked our flights and came there in February 2015.

Divine Visit – Argentina – October 15, 2016

Swami clarified that oneness is within, though there are natural differences outside. Only understanding the true nature of one’s existence which is Divinity, can help us realise the true meaning of this statement. Just like the same sun in the sky is reflected in various water bodies., like wise the same divinity shines in all beings. If you look around you will see as many reflections as there are water bodies, but its only when you look up that you will find that there is only one sun. The outward going mind must be turned inwards to realise this truth. SAI stands for See Always Inside to find BABA which is Being, Awareness and Bliss Always. Thereafter, Swami opened the session for the question and answers.

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Divine Visit – Argentina – October 13 and 14, 2016

Even before the sounds of the drum rolls of the Dhakis of Durga Puja could fade in to the ether and the vibrant echos of the Vedic recitals of Dasara festivities could dissolve in to the eternity, Bhagawan’s entourage were once again in the Bangalore airport waiting to board their next flight, this time the destination was Latin America. Last year as the Argentinians prayed to Bhagwan to visit their country, He graciously accepted the invitation to their homes and hearts. Plans were made, events were organised to make the best of the divine visit the Latin American countries, and Spain.

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What is our true Dharma? – Summary Divine Discourse on 10 October 2016

There is no power greater than the power of love! This love can achieve anything in this universe. But in order to know its power, one must use it. When Hanuman had to cross the ocean to reach Lanka, he wasn’t sure whether he will be able to do it. He had to be reminded and told that he was capable of it. And it is only when he believed in these words that he could fly across the ocean. Tell yourself: I am Divine, I am Divine, I am Divine.

How best to deal with desires – Summary Divine Discourse on 9th October 2016

Use this Mantra: I want God, I want to please God, I want to be near God, I want to be dear to God. There is no point in mugging up or remembering all the kinds of knowledge – they are like a bagful of coins; heavy to carry with limited value. Love for God is like a one thousand rupee note, light but of the same value.

Bhakti – the basic principle on which the Gita is based – Summary Divine Discourse on 8 October 2016

For the students, especially the young ones, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga all this can be taught. But if the fundamental Bhakti Yoga is not there, then both are going to be useless. It will be akin to a bulb and a fan without electricity. Bhakti is the very fundamental, basic principle on which the entire Gita is based. From the seed of Bhakti, comes the tree of Shakti, branches of Yukti and flowers and fruits of Mukti. Devotion is the only emotion.

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Devotion stands supreme over all other qualities – Summary Divine Discourse on 7 October 2016

Knowledge is the first and foremost thing that must be imparted to students. I consistently insist on practice. If somebody thinks: What is Sai Baba got to do even now after having already done so much during His time – earlier phase. This is what He is doing. In times to come, all these children will be messengers of peace, love, and human values to the entire world. They will take this Sanatana Samskruti of Divinity as the basis of the entire existence to the corners of the world and propagate it.

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