Divine Visit – Dubai – March 31, 2017

From pure love, everything has emerged. There is no place is bereft of love. This is the purest of truth one must see. In this world, wherever we see, if we carefully observe, only love exists. Nature lives by living and forgiving, which is the nature of love. Since this creation has emerged from God who is the embodiment of love, nature has inherited this love of the Creator. Man who is a product of this nature must also continue to exhibit this love that he has inherited in all his deeds.

Bullet train or the mind?

Mind is the fastest, for in one moment it can be here, and in another moment it can be elsewhere in the Universe. However, just like the bullet train, the outward going mind can be turned inwards too. Just imagine if the mind can go outward at such a high speed and travel great distance in a trice; if only it is turned inwards it can also travel equally fast and reach the truth that we ought to attain.

What should we desire always – Divine Discourse Summary – March 30, 2017

Just like how you exchange all the heavy coins for one currency note, exchange all your desires with one desire: I want only God.

Seva Sadan Bhoomi Pooja – Divine Discourse Summary – March 29, 2017

Work is done to purify the mind. So, we should choose such activities which will lead to purification of our mind. Therefore, the process is to transform all the work we do into worship. Then duty itself becomes God.

Ugadi Message – Divine Discourse Summary – March 29, 2017

Without desire for the fruits, offering our actions to God is Karma Yoga. Loving God is Bhakti Yogaand knowing God exists in everyone and so I should serve all is Gyana Yoga. Service has all the three; there is nothing higher than that.

Ugadi Celebrations–29th March 2017, Day 2-Evening

The evening session of the Ugadi celebrations began with Bhagawan being welcomed into the Premamrutam Auditorium with Poorna Kumbham amidst soulful bhajans.

Hurry up!

Ancient Japanese culture and for that matter all ancient cultures were based on ‘Faith in God’, respect for nature and love for fellow beings, as they knew everything is divine. We must rejuvenate that culture of Japan. The older generation cannot be changed easily, but if we teach this to the younger ones, transformation can happen. That alone can save the people of this country.

Divine Visit – Japan – March 20, 2017

“A water bubble is born in water, floats in water and finally bursts and merges in water. Similarly, man is the water bubble and God is the water. This is the truth, the word of Sai.”

Divine Visit – Izu, Japan – March 19, 2017 (Evening)

“Just as the oil is present inside a sesame seed, just as butter is present in milk, just as fragrance is present inside a flower, and just as juice is present inside the fruit, and just as fire is present inside wood, God is present in everything.”

Divine Visit – Izu, Japan – March 19, 2017

The role of the Guru in the ancient scriptures has been placed higher than God. For without the help of the Guru one cannot realise God. Think of a traveller who is thirsty. There is water nearby, but he does not know where the water is. If a guide tells him where water can be found, the role of the guide is far important. Such a person who guides the thirsty to water is a Guru.

Divine Visit – Singapore to Japan – March 18, 2017

“Where do you find such devotion! Truly, I do not need the food, but only the love with which it has been prepared. Just like Krishna who would find the love soaked butter of the Gopikas far tastier than the one made in His own home, by His Mother Yashoda.”

Divine Visit – Singapore – March 17, 2017

A devotee is not simply one who wears clothes which are prescribed for the devotees, not somebody who puts a lot of Vibhuti, not even somebody who chants and sings the name of God. A devotee is the one who with great faith and courage, sees God in everyone and thereby serves God in everyone. My devotees must be those who see Me in others: in an ailing child, in a poor suffering baby, in the poverty-stricken parents, in the grief-stricken society.

Vamana Roopa to Vishwa Roopa

Though so far you saw My short statured ‘Vamana Roopa’ of 5 feet and 3 inches in the physical body, now I am expanding and growing in to the Vishwa Roopa which is going to cover the entire cosmos, and when I ask you where to keep My third step, don’t be hesitant to offer Your head which means all your ego and attachments

Divine Visit – Singapore – March 16, 2017

My real mission is that, you become more kind, more selfless; thinking less about yourself and more about others. All of you have the same purpose in life. Paths and means may be different, but the destination is to become free of selfishness, and become selfless like God. Easiest way is to develop love for God, with the name of God in your heart and work of God in your hands. These two are like the two wings which will help you fly, and help you achieve the purpose of your life.

How to live in the awareness of our divinity? – Divine Discourse Summary – March 12, 2017

When we turn our feelings of selfishness into selflessness, immediately we can realise our Divinity. If we can give up our selfishness, we can recognise this Truth.

Sai’s Army

No I am not joking, it is indeed an army training camp here, for I am training these students rigorously to be not merely my soldiers, but my commanders. They are going to lead this mission of love and service. They are getting trained not to fight and divide, but to love and unite the entire mankind. They are under special training.

What is Dharma? – Divine Discourse Summary – March 09, 2017

The Dharma of love or Prema Dharma is higher than all types of Dharma. The basis of all Dharmas is this love or Prema.