Divine Visit – Biarritz, France – April 30, 2017

The scriptures proclaim that if one is blessed with these three things it is due to grace of God: a human birth, desire for realisation and the guidance of a great master. If you get these three things, it is considered as a rare boon by God’s grace.

Divine Visit – Biarritz, France – April 29, 2017 (Evening)

“Devotion is what holds us in all our journeys. You are all enabling devotion in these little ones. Devotion gives us strength, and it is Love for God, resulting in strength from God. We need strength, and that strength will take us forward. From Bhakti to Shakthi to Mukti, like Swami says.”

Divine Visit – Biarritz, France – April 29, 2017 (Morning)

There are pleasures and pain. Like day and night, they come and go. But true happiness is that which comes and grows, not goes. And such happiness is possible only from that which is permanent. Since God is permanent, the joy arising out of God is always permanent!” Swami spoke to each person gathered, revealing many aspects of their life, known only to them, leaving them overwhelmed and blessed out!

Divine Visit – Biarritz, France – April 28, 2017

Living with Swami teaches everyone many valuable lessons. Trust His words and ‘going with the flow as He has willed’ is one of the paramount lessons.

Divine Visit – Zagreb, Croatia – April 27, 2017 (Evening)

What is this Dharma? In a very casual translation, people call Dharma as righteousness. To fire, Dharma is to burn; to water, Dharma is to cool; to wind Dharma is to blow; likewise, every aspect of this universe is engrossed in conducting its own Dharma. And only when each aspect of this creation follows its own Dharma, that is when the creation is sustained.

The Greatest Marriage..

The true marriage is when the devotee merges in devotion with the Lord. It’s an occasion that must be celebrated. This marriage alone is true merger, all the rest is mere mirage.

Divine Visit – Zagreb, Croatia – April 27, 2017 (Morning)

It is not good enough if you hear good advice and forget it soon, or just speak about it, but you must understand, assimilate and practise.

Divine Visit – Zagreb, Croatia – April 26, 2017

Swami explained the meaning of Ashrama, saying it’s a place where there is no ‘Shrama’ or ‘effort’, the work here becomes worship, and therefore the living becomes effortless through Prema or love. He blessed that Ananda Ashram will serve as a beacon light of love and service to all the neighboring countries as well. Lunch Prasadam was served to all, and everyone proceeded back to Zagreb.

Divine Visit – Zagreb, Croatia – April 25, 2017

So what is the use of us chanting the Mantra, if the Rishi has received the vision? It is like a two way traffic. From the vision comes the Mantra, by repeating the Mantra you can get the vision. It is either ways. So why should you repeat and know the meaning? By doing that, what the Rishi experienced, you can also experience. This is the original secret. That is why Vedas are from the word ‘Vid’ which means ‘to know’. Veda means ‘that which has been known’. How has it been known? Not by telling or listening, but by experience it has been known. In the deep state of contemplation, they had these visions.”

Divine Visit – Padova – April 24, 2017 (Evening)

There is no particular place where God exists or a place where He does not, for, all places are His, all names are His, all forms are His. But He manifests Himself where His name is sung, where He is loved, where He is adored and served. It is the devotion of the devotee that makes the Lord manifest, that makes Him take a form though His true form is formless.

Divine Visit – Padova – April 24, 2017 (Morning)

Nobody knew where is Assisi, but St. Francis made it known to the world. Nobody knew where is Jerusalem, and Christ made it known to the world. Nobody knew where is Puttaparthi, and Swami made it known to the world. So too, nobody knew where is Muddenahalli, and Swami only is making it known to the world. Therefore, it is the good that we do that follows, even beyond the grave. That land where good happens becomes immortal, just as the person who does the good.

Divine Visit – Rome – April 23, 2017 

As Swami entered the hall, Bhajans were in progress, and over 400 devotees had gathered to welcome and revel in the love of their beloved Lord. It is phenomenal to see the way Swami interacts with each person, revealing, advising, enquiring as He takes every step, and walks forward. Surely, with each passing day of this phenomenal subtle phase of the Avatar, one can only agree with conviction that nothing has changed, physical or subtle!

Divine Visit – Assisi, Italy – April 22, 2017

“Saint Francis had only two Darshans, and did so much good to others, and here are you all, who have had Darshans in the morning, noon and night! How much more you all should be doing! Life does not end in death, it continues. Once you know the truth, you become fearless.”

Divine Visit – Assisi, Italy – April 21, 2017

Swami’s room was tastefully decorated, and the baby pink and white room, embellished with colour coordinated furnishing looked peaceful. The presence of God only enhanced the spirit! While dinner was served, Swami commented that the same colour theme of baby pink and white will be used for the new Sri Sathya Sai Sarla Memorial Hospital which will be built in Muddenahalli, and Bhagawan will perform the Bhoomi Puja on coming Easwaramma Day. Swami was very happy to be in Assisi, and said that only those with a connection can come to this very spiritual place.

Easter Holiday or Holydays?

Easter Holy days now are more significant than ever before, for the message of ISA (Jesus) is the same as the message of SAI, and both the Masters have given up their lives for the emancipation of humanity. This time is most sacred and must be spent as HOLY days in remembrance and following of the teachings of both the Masters. It will only be very unfortunate if it is whiled away as holidays, forgetting the very purpose of their sacrifices

How to make the world happy again? April 20, 2017 – Divine Discourse Summary

You should pray in your heart, and serve with your hands. When you do this, the whole world will again be full of happiness and peace.

Sai’s Love manifests, as the first surgery is successfully completed – Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani International Centre for Child Heart Care and Research – Palwal, Haryana – Wednesday, April 19, 2017

“Baba says that every child belongs to a mother, ‘I don’t have any difference’, it is all about ‘ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. Health is about not going to a hospital, which is what Baba often remarked. Therefore, great emphasis is being laid on prevention through child screening programmes now in the form of Divine Child Health Programme. Baba would say, ‘The greatest creation on earth takes nine months, why can’t you create the hospital in nine months?’ And so here is this hospital, just like the Raipur hospital which was readied within a short span of nine months.”

Commencement of the First Surgery – Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani International Centre for Child Heart Care and Research – Palwal, Haryana – April 18, 2017

Whatever you engage in, do it with selfless love. Place all your problems at His feet and march ahead. Step by step we will undertake this journey. God is with us, above all selfless love is with us! This is not Karma (work), but this is Karmayoga (worship). This service is without any expectation, and there cannot be a better opportunity than to serve in a world class facility like this.

I need to work harder

I know that all of you have been missing Me, and also have been complaining that Swami has time to go to all the countries but not to come to our schools. But let Me tell you My children, that also is for your sake alone. I am ‘Sai Baba’, the divine mother and father rolled in to one. Just as I have a duty to care for you, visit you and nurture you like a mother, I also have to provide for you and protect you as a father. Since I have to perform this ‘double role’, I have to work harder.

Divine Visit – London – April 15, 2017

Do not be proud or arrogant about what has been given to you , for time can snatch it away from you in a second. Two, the reason for serving the elderly is they are the people who really need help. Thirdly, Swami wants you to go and serve them, so that you realise that all relations in life, all other friends and kith and kin gathered during the course of one’s life are all transient. That love which is bound by giving and receiving that does not last. Only that love which is bereft, free of all expectations, desires alone gives joy and happiness.