National Teachers’ Conference 2017 – May 28 2017, Day 3 – Evening

One can never speak about love; one can only experience love just as one can only experience Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who is nothing but pure love. Everyone has to realise that the very love that they seek in Bhagawan is also present in them; it is present in every manifestation of creation.

How can teachers transform the educational system? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 27, 2017

The teachers should be like tanks full of water of love. When they are full of love, naturally this love will flow in their thought, word and deed.

National Teachers’ Conference 2017 – May 27 2017, Day 2 – Evening

There was no greater proof of the presence of Divinity than the luminary students’ and devotees who sacrificed their own lives and dedicated themselves for the purpose of social upliftment.

National Teachers’ Conference 2017 – May 27 2017, Day 2 – Morning

To have a good character, it is very important to control the senses and this is only possible, if there is love and faith in God. The most important thing to be taught to students is to inculcate Daiva Preethi, Papa Bheethi, Sangha Neethi which is Love for God, Fear of Sin and the Company of the Good.

How can you become a good teacher? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 26, 2017 (Evening)

The most important quality to be developed in teachers is selfless love. Your intelligence, your scholarship and your strength come after that.

National Teachers’ Conference 2017 – May 26 2017, Day 1 – Evening

Education should not be only for mere living, rather should be to recognize the truth of one’s own self. Truth is something that is changeless. Teaching is a process that starts with sharing information and ultimately ending with bringing transformation. The goal of teaching is to transform the material world in to a spiritual world.

National Teachers’ Conference 2017 – May 26 2017, Day 1 – Morning

A Guru is the one who dispels darkness. Every Guru is a Teacher but every Teacher cannot be a Guru. The basic differences between the former and the latter are – a Teacher provokes the mind, instructs and imparts knowledge in the students; whereas a Guru touches the soul, constructs the students and imparts wisdom for a better tomorrow.

The role of Teachers in the upkeep of Indian Culture – Divine Discourse Summary – May 26, 2017 (Morning)

The responsibility of reviving Indian culture in Indian children squarely lies upon only teachers. A good nation is nothing but good students plus good teachers.

He finds His people!

In fact I have found each one of you who was lost and brought you here. I travelled from home to home, country to country only to find you and bring you to me.

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 21, 2017

All physical limitations become invalid in the presence of God for one transcends the limitations of Gunas (qualities) and kala (time) in God’s presence.

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 20, 2017

Leaving home and hearth, wife and family and running away to forests is not the way. If we give up selfishness in our thoughts, in our feelings, then we can truly become a Tyagi, a man of sacrifice and a Yogi, a man of God. This is the word of Sai that tells this truth.

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 19, 2017

No doubt that Swami’s love and grace are unconditional, but if you have to really enjoy it and receive it, there should be some deservedness, some qualities you have to develop. Only when the mind is purified, you will be able to understand and recognise the greatness of God’s love and God’s grace.

Your mistake is My opportunity!

See, when I make a mistake it’s an opportunity for you, similarly when you make a mistake it’s an opportunity for Me! Man’s adversity is God’s opportunity!

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 18, 2017

It is not the nearness that matters, it is the dearness that matters with God. You may sit at the feet of God, look at His face all day, much may not happen. Someone may be far away away but like a bee will come, drink the nectar of devotion at Lord’s Feet and enjoy it. Whereas frogs may be sitting near the lotus all day long, but they don’t understand anything.

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 17, 2017

Always in life keep thinking what will please God. If you keep that as the focus, everything else will fall in place! If you please God, you have pleased so many people. Pleasing each other is very difficult, because the mind keeps changing. But pleasing God is very easy. Then He who resides in all as the Vaishwanara, as the Jatharagni, the fire in the belly which digests, He will satisfy everyone

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 16, 2017

Difficulties will come, any good thing you do there will be difficulties, but one should have the courage, ‘God is with me and I am on God’s plan.’ Only a pure heart will ever understand God.

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 15, 2017

With sacrifice comes prosperity. Through sacrifice alone one can become immortal, and only such will be remembered. Hanuman, Jatayu, the small squirrel, a bear, Ahalya, the Kewat, have all become immortal as they were associated with Rama or His Nama.

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 14, 2017 (Evening)

Without worrying about anything else in your lives, simply take a step towards God. Always remember, the one who serves God, and dedicates his or her life to God, becomes His responsibility. If you take this path of selflessness, in order to be of some service to several other children who need this hand of help, I will look after you in every single aspect, to the extent that I will ensure that even your past does not come in the way of your future.

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 14, 2017 (Morning)

When you give love, you get love, as that love will be returned. In any kind of relationship, you should learn to love selflessly. The most sacred relation, after God and devotee, is that of a mother and child. Love, sacrifice and tolerance are the values one should learn from the mother. Apart from mother’s love, develop love for God.

Kodai Summer Retreat – May 13, 2017 (Evening)

Only the one who is ready to loose oneself, can attain God. The one who has ego can never attain God.