Divine Visit – Costa Mesa – June 24, 2017

The future of humanity will be written not on platforms of software or computers, but on platforms of human and Divine goodness. What value a human being brings to life, to existence, to His mission on this planet will be defined by how good he is, defined by what goodness he can spread.

Divine Visit – Orange County – June 23, 2017

Children should have foundation and firm faith in God, and three things are important for that – Daivapreeti- love for God; Papabheeti-fear of sin; Sanghaneeti – Morality, moral values in society.

Divine Visit – Santa Rosa and Orange County – June 21 and 22, 2017

Truly, the highest of all the Bhakti, the devotion that Lord has ever experienced, is of the Gopikas and Gopalas. Their love was selfless. They were the best devotees, as they did not expect anything from Krishna – just His love and just His presence.

Divine Visit – Santa Rosa – June 20, 2017

A society, where no child or youth is abandoned is being envisioned. One such lighthouse, a Centre must be established in every State, which will guide other Organisations, individuals and youth. With blessings of God and man’s effort anything is possible!

Divine Visit – San Jose – June 19, 2017

Loving Me and not obeying Me, doubting, if this is going to happen, not going to happen, is true or not true, will not lead to anything. Believing that what Swami says is right but doing it without love, doing it as a compulsion also is not going to give you much result! Therefore, both, loving God and having confidence in God, that He will look after if you keep doing what He wants you to do is true devotion!

Divine Visit – San Jose – June 18, 2017

Family that prays together, stays together. Family does not pray, cannot stay. If God becomes the common thread to this garland of family members, then the garland will stay together. If there is no thread, then flowers will fall apart. Likewise, the presence of God in the lives of the members of the family is like thread in the garland. It keeps all the beautiful flowers together and increases the beauty of that garland, which is worth offering to God.

Divine Visit – San Jose – June 17, 2017

Bhakti can be simply defined as choosing God over anything else. The opposite of it is, choosing everything else above God which is Bhukti. Discriminating what would please God all the time in thought, word and actions, what will make one closer to God, and what is that which God would like, can simply guide the path in this journey of life.

Lost and Found!

“With Swami you will never get lost anywhere in the world.”
Overwhelmed, the youth burst out, “Swami I only want to be lost in God.” And pat came the reply from Swami, “You can not be LOST in God, you can be only FOUND in God.”

Divine Visit – San Jose – June 16, 2017

Find that permanent solution! Just take care of children from 6 to 16 years, because it is not their fault! It is not their fault that they are in that position. So we have to help them, to come out of that position.” This led to ‘Sai Ashraya’, with the slogan ‘Street to Stability’, focusing on therapeutic care, and management of home care, from housing and education, to job placements and so forth.

Divine Visit – Boston – June 14, 2017 – Evening

The highest of all devotion is the devotion without any desires. Desire less devotion is the sweetest, it is the purest, it is the closest to the Lord’s heart and such a devotee alone is a true devotee. Others are only give and take, give and take, they are business devotees

Divine Visit – Boston – June 14, 2017 – Morning

It is not about giving, but creating value, and sharing that value with their stakeholders. A financially strong, healthier and better society will lead to stronger business growth. And the value so generated will in fact flow back to the Corporations through greater productivity, a more responsive community, and greater business opportunity. Corporate Social Responsibility then becomes Corporate Social Investments.

Divine Visit – Boston – June 13, 2017

The Lord gave His assurance to the whole of mankind, ‘you may be the worst of the sinners, you may be the most wicked person in the world, but if you start remembering My name all the time, I will consider you as a Sadhu, as a man of God’.

Divine Visit – Canada and Boston – June 11 and 12, 2017

Dense trees covered with thick foliage in varying shades, enhanced with a peaceful silence, is the setting of this beautiful residence, which will eventually become an Ashram in the East Coast, as willed by Bhagawan.

All the world is a dream!

“That’s true, the deeper the details in the dream, the more convincingly real it appears to be. The more your senses are engaged in this dream, the more real it appears to be. Therefore, the wise ones withdrew their senses from the sense objects and abided in their true selves all the time, so they don’t get falsely convinced about its unreal nature.”


The era of the advent of an avatar is no ordinary time. Lucky are we to be chosen by Him to be His contemporaries. I believe it must be by the merits I have acquired in my previous lives that I was born in a family in which Bhagawan was their Master.

Divine Visit – Canada – June 10, 2017

When most of the men and women choose world over God and greed takes over, which succeeds against the human aspiration to help others, all the problems happen. Instead to choose God over the world is the panacea for the problem of individuals, for the problems of families, for the problems of nations and for all the problems of the world.

Divine Visit – Canada – June 8 and 9, 2017

Namasmarana is the most important. It is said that in the age of Kali, there is no other rescue for one than Hari nama. ‘Kalau Nastyeva Gatir Anyatha’. Only by chanting the name, one can rescue oneself from this Kaliyuga, otherwise there is no other safety, no other rescue for people.