Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – August 25, 2017

After having broken the pride of Chandra (Moon), Lord Ganesh as a comfort to devotees who might incur hurdles in life by seeing the moon on the Chaturthi day, gives a solution in the form of Syamantakopayana, the tale which when heard, removes the difficulties in a devotee’s life.

Divine Visit – Russia – August 26 and August 27, 2017

Everything has a reason and a season. So many flowers exist, but they will bloom only at the right season. When the time comes, everything will happen. When flowers bloom, bees come to suck the nectar. It has taken a few years for your hearts to bloom and become full of nectar, for Swami to come and partake. You must all understand that there is only the One who is real, all others are reflections. Know that One real self.

What should a Sai student achieve? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva High School, Muddenhalli – August 20, 2017

Your service begins right here and now; you don’t have to grow up to become somebody to start doing service.

Serving others is the easiest way to God – Divine Discourse Summary – August 19, 2017

The way to assess whether you are growing well in service is by the humility you develop.

What made Indian culture thrive throughout the ages? – Divine Discourse Summary- August 20, 2017

As long as the Indians believe in God, have faith in God and respect the Divinity in everything and everyone, India shall continue to live – not only live but thrive.

What is the core teaching in Sai institutions? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai Prasanthiniketanam, Nallakadirenahalli – August 17, 2017

When you serve in Swami’s mission, what happens to your worldly duties? – Divine Discourse Summary – Inauguration of Sai Ashraya – August 17, 2017

If you serve My devotees, it is My responsibility and it is My pleasure to serve you. Therefore, you have to look after My devotees well, I will look after you, your family and everything that belongs to you.

What is the secret to achieving your desires? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 17, 2017

Desires will keep on multiplying as you achieve them and life is wasted in its pursuit. Being contented with what we have is the real secret to happiness.

On this Independence Day, can you consider yourself free? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 15, 2017

On this sacred day, fill your hearts with this great pride of being an Indian – beat your chest and proclaim it to the world that we are Indians and our culture is Indian culture, our language is language of heart, our caste is caste of humanity and our God is one who is omnipresent.

Why don’t we experience love and bliss in the form of Krishna? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 14, 2017

We have to purify our hearts and remove our ego, all attachments and desires in order to experience the pure unsullied bliss of the form of Krishna.

Which type of devotee is dearest to God? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 13, 2017

If you want to know where you can experience God, where you can find God, you have to find the devotee first.

Divine visit to Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva High School, Muddenahalli – August 20, 2017

He exhorted students to follow the path of SAI- Service , Adoration, Illumination. Bhakti is the seed of all good qualities and should eventually lead to Sujnana and Prajnana-illumination. They should live up to the name of being Sai students, by doing selfless service, and offering all activities to God.

Sai Vrinda Volunteers Meet 2017, Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – August 19, 2017

Annapoorna Trust has partnered with Nagarjuna College of Engineering at Chikkaballapur to offer a course in INTEGRATED RURAL DEVELOPMENT, for about 600 students of the semesters 3 and 4. These engineering students will be exposed to the rural living conditions, and understand the issues in the villages. They will also undertake projects under the mentorship of Annapoorna team, wherein projects will be taken up in areas such as Nutrition, Healthcare, Educare and Sanitation.

Divine Visit To Sri Sathya Sai Prasanthiniketanam, Nallakadirenahalli – August 17, 2017

When a seed of devotion is sowed in a heart filled with Love, it helps a person to get good feelings,which leads to stable character, which in turn helps one to develop a steady mind. When one’s mind is steady, one’s concentration improves and this helps in one’s intelligence. To attain purity and divinity one has to develop selflessness and pure feelings. This is the reason why the girls institution is built here , so the students remain peaceful, learn from a sacred place all the good things in life.

Inauguration of Sai Ashraya, Staff Quarters, H block and Bhoomi Puja Of Sai Ashraya, Staff Quarters, J Block – August 17, 2017

Without anxieties and worries in the mind if one renders Selfless Service in Swami’s Mission, it gives Him Joy.

Divine Visit – Malaysia – August 12, 2017

From blood donation to eye tests, from dental checkups to general medicine, every inch of space at Sai Ananda was buzzing with activity. Swami also blessed the volunteers in the kitchen, as He made a surprise visit to see all the food items which were being prepared for Narayana Seva. Swami lovingly served a few people, before proceeding to hand out dry rations to some of the needy.

Divine Visit – Malaysia – August 11, 2017

Youth is the spring of one’s life. When the body and heart is full of enthusiasm and purity, take up this ideal of sacrifice. Service is not for the sake for others, but it helps you to become closer to who you truly are!

Divine Visit – Bali – August 10, 2017

In order to achieve the four goals of human life – Dharma, Aartha, Kama and Moksha, good health is necessary. The mind, body and heart cannot work in unity, if one suffers from ill health. It is the fundamental responsibility of those who are healthy, to help those who are not healthy. One must maintain good health, so they can be of service to others. It has been in My mind to do something for those who are unwell. It is not enough if one prays with the lips, but help must be rendered through the hands as well. Hands that help are holier than lips that pray.

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