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How are we able to achieve so much in so little time? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 22, 2018

Ours (projects) is not ordinary; ours is extraordinary. Ours is Asamanyamainadi because there is Divine grace and will, coupled with great sincere effort. That is why it is happening so fast. If it was only one without the other, it won’t happen. Lot of people make lot of effort to achieve much in life but not all can achieve. Unless there is God’s grace, it is not possible. See, this is why it is growing so fast because there is God’s grace which is giving you that advantage. 

There is lot of planning required. Bhakti, Shakti, Yukti all three are required. With great Bhakti you jump in without any Yukti  and Shakti,  you will not be effective. With great Yukti Shakti you go without Bhakti, it won’t work. With great Yukti Bhakti you go, there is no Shakti, there is also going to be difficulty. All the three has to come. Bhakti should be there – the devotion to do good work, Shakti – the strength and the capacity to do it you have to develop that, then comes Yukti also intelligence, how to use that strength, you apply the strength in the wrong place, nothing is going to happen. Apply the right place in the right way in the right manner, then things will start happening. Now you have Bhakti, Shakti, Yukti then Mukti. Mukti is achieving what you have set out to achieve. 

You can only do so much. Government will do part, you can do part. Together if you do, you can do the whole – that is why it is Samashti, Samaja. Everybody has to come together. Individually, how much can you do? Can you feed the whole world individually? It is not possible. That is why you have to work together. When you work together, then you can achieve more.  

You have to plan, you have to think, utilise your strength along with the strength of people and situations around. Together if you do, it will become very very successful. So, don’t be in such a great hurry that you are unable to utilise the existing opportunities and strengths of the environment around. You have to plan well, think from all sides and move ahead. The one who is receiving from you is greater than you who is giving because he has created an opportunity for you to give. So you should be more humble, you should be more grateful that you are getting an opportunity to do something good. That is very important. Never develop arrogance. People come, join the mission. They have role to play. Once their role is done, gracefully, humbly, with pure feelings, one must lend the mission to another person who is capable of taking it further.

How were the Indians so advanced in sciences in ancient times? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 19, 2018

Since ancient times, India stood for the highest kind of education. Even before the modern education dawned on the western world, the ancient Indians had understood – not only understood but practised – all kinds of knowledge, be it physical or spiritual. They knew the constellations, the stars, the size and the expansion of the galaxies, the presence of planets and also that earth was round and sun was stationary. They knew how to separate metals, how to purify them and use them for various purposes when the rest of the world did not even know that such a science existed. They even knew the knowledge, or the science of surgeries and they used very fine instruments made of metal and other such alloys to perform surgeries as complicated as eye surgeries and surgeries of internal organs.

And while they knew all this knowledge which related or pertained to the physical world, they also had the highest wisdom to understand that there is a fundamental basis to this entire creation which is indestructible Atman or Divinity. And they explained it to the world that the basis of entire creation is an unseen, invisible force which is Divinity and that is the source of everything.  One may ask, “Without the help of modern instruments, gadgets and all the available resources, how was it that Indians knew so much about the universe, so much about everything?” The answer lies in their spiritual bent of mind. Knowing which there is nothing else to be known – that is the right kind of knowledge explained the Vedas. The one who knows that basis of everything knows everything. Therefore, all their understanding of the universe and every kind of sciences and arts did not come from outside, it emanated from within. Therefore, the great scientists of India were truly Rishis or sages. 

Because of their deep understanding of their spiritual nature, the physical nature of the world became as clear to them as the back of their hands. This is the reason why Indians could reach such great heights both in the external as well as the inner knowledge so easily back then. It is to this end and purpose that Baba is going on establishing institutions one after the other relentlessly so that these institutions will rise to the occasion and impart both the spiritual as well as well as the worldly knowledge in a balanced manner. (Swami’s university) will spread its branches and get established in more than 18 countries in the times to come. I assure you that you just be with Me, you just be available, and I will single handedly lead you to the glorious future which the world has never seen before.

What is lacking for good work to be done? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 7, 2018

Life in this world is ephemeral, it is temporary. Youth and wealth also go away.  But there are two things which are permanent, which are eternal – one is Satya – Truth, and second is Kirti – good name. The truth that we abide by and the good name that we earn by abiding in truth are the only two permanent things, everything else is temporary. 

All at Sanjeevani hospital from the watchman to the chairman are working only for truth and good name. Not for fame, nor for money or other awards which are temporary but only for truth and good name they serve here – there is no doubt about that. Wherever one looks, one can only experience love here, and this heart hospital is truly working completely from the heart. Hridaya means where there is compassion and this heart hospital works from the heart.

To do any task, three things are needed -hands, head and heart – 3H. Capable hands to work, a head to think and a heart to feel and understand. Only with these three can any work be done. But these days, far more important than hand and head is the heart. People are very capable and intelligent but because they are not driven by their hearts, even though there is plenty in this world, it is not enough to reach everyone. There is no shortage of intelligent and capable people in this world. But there are not enough who work with love. And you are the ones who are meeting this need. 

By its tenth anniversary, this hospital will be renowned in the world, not only because it is free but because of the quality work performed here The quality work will be comparable to the best of the hospitals in the world and this will be declared one of the Paediatric Excellence Centres of the world, not of India or not of Chattisgarh. This must go to that height and that name it should earn for itself. Lots of it lies in your hands. Be selfless, be fearless. This is the only advice Swami gives. Go to any extent to save the child, to help the child. Do not fear, do not worry about anything else. With complete selflessness and surrender, you work and you all will become instruments in the hands of God. Your capacities will become infinite and there will be nothing called impossible left for you.

Let nobody be turned away from the doors of this great temple of healing. May you all thereby attain great glory in this lifetime and bring laurels to yourself, your families and to this nation for having given the world one of the best paediatric cardiac care hospitals in this time.

How big is a family based on love connection? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 6, 2018

When you were born all of you were born as Amrutha putras or Immortal ones. After that poison of the worldly attributes join you and thereby makes your whole personality very poisonous. Sai’s word is the very essence of all vedas. As per the Upanishadic verse Shrunvantu Vishwe Amruthasya Putraha, the rishis or the holy saints have declared for the entire humanity that all are born in this Universe as Immortal Ones. Rishis words are nothing but Truth. Every child that is born is representing the Atma tatwa and so is immortal and not being mortal. Just as how we keep our precious valuable jewelry in a less valuable iron box, the same way God has kept the most valuable Atma in a less valuable body. Hence the name Amrutha putras has come representing the Atma. The Rishis have also expounded the terms such as Atma Tatwa and Amrutha putra. The one which has no birth and death and that which is eternal and without change is Atma Tatwa. This body is subject to change with respect to time and space and these changes are temporary and not permanent.  The same way mind is also subject to lot of changes in emotions and feelings with respect to time and space. It is also not permanent.


In our Institution along with the worldly education, we are supposed to learn the Adhyatma Vidya or Spiritual Education. The worldly education can be defined as the one which helps provide for a living. But the spiritual education is the one which is the ultimate goal or destination of our lives. It is not enough if you learn only Maths, Science, Physics, Social, English or Kannada. Along with that if you imbibe qualities such as Love, Devotion, Patience, Discipline, sense of duty, service to mankind it is easy to achieve spiritual education.


You should also grow up and provide free education with human values to many more children thereby making them good people. You have to make this the goal of your life and work towards it. All these 4 people have completely served society and the educational Institution with such selflessness without themselves entering into family life. But all of you here is their family. If we see from the perspective of physical relationship, only 4 or 5 people can comprise of one family, but if it is Love connection the whole world will become our family. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. I bless all of you that you should study here in such a holy place, joining hands in service, study well, acquire all good qualities and finally re-establish a good society. I wish that you take up this responsibility of service mindedness.

How should you greet each other? – Divine Discourse Summary – June 6, 2018

Narada in his Bhakti Sutra says, “There is no love that equals the love of Gopikas for Krishna.” Probably if Narada comes to this campus, he will have to change his statement now. “Prasanthi Niketanam Balikanam” he will tell because he will understand that love is the same love here and now in the hearts of these Gopikas of Prasanthi Niketanam because they also feel love for Krishna the way the Gopikas felt. Love is natural to every being because every being is born out of love, it is love that sustains every being and it is only in the love that finally every being merges. Therefore, the most natural emotion for any person is actually love. 

When the love remains pure, for the divine and seeks nothing but divine love in return, then it remains free of all attachments and that love is the purest. The love with which we are born, God’s love, is purest. However, with associations of people around us who bring about all kinds of thoughts and ideas, this pure love with which every child is born becomes a little contaminated. Nevertheless, it can be purified again and that pure love can again be experienced and enjoyed by everyone. There is nothing greater than this pure love. This is the highest wisdom. This is the end of all education, this is the end of all the pursuits of mankind to ultimately develop pure, unsullied love, love which is free from all expectations and attachments for the Divine. 

Whatever you do, you do for God. The way you dress up, the way you eat, the way you talk, the way you study, the way you sing Bhajans, the way you play band, the way you look after your campus, the way you look after each other, everything you do it for the sake of God. That is spirituality. That is why love for God should translate into service of God. How do you serve God? ‘Love all, serve all’ you have written on top. How do you serve God? You serve all and you should love all. This is the best way to love and serve God. Consider each other as sisters. In our Centre for Excellence, boys only call Anna. Only Anna and brother. Here, Akka and sisters. It is all God’s children, so Mother-Father is God, everybody else is brothers and sisters. That change you should make from today. No madam, only Akka. Even between yourselves, you should call each other as sisters only. Teachers also. This should be our culture.

How is education making man selfish? – Divine Discourse Summary – June 05, 2018

Education’s goal has become money-making and not man-making any more. And educational institutions have become business centres where education is being sold and bought on a daily basis. And this rampant selfishness is the cause for decline of peace, decline of harmony in the world today. This trend must change. Education which is given free, which is given with love, that inculcates human values in the hearts of the children will bring gratitude in their hearts. And when the child learns that all this was possible because of the sacrifice and contributions of many more in the society, the child will also develop gratitude for society and will do his duty when he grows up. Selfishness will be destroyed, and it will be replaced with selflessness and every child who has become a good educated person, would think how I can help ten others in order to get this kind of right education. What is the use of education which has made (people) so selfish that they have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the sufferings and sorrow of their own fellow men? Therefore, such education is no education at all.

Education should transform one person from human to divine. We are born just as animals; in fact, the animal children are better than the humans because they are born, and they start walking and do everything on their own whereas a human child requires lot more help for years. However, as we grow we learn to live in the society and then we are educated, that is how we become human. However, education must not stop there. It must rise the human consciousness to the divine level where every man feels a brother in another man, a sister in another woman and feels the whole world is one family, all are children of God. It is with a dream that such a world would be possible if education is made free, is made available in equal measure to all those who can afford and who cannot afford in the right way that we have started institutions all over Karnataka and it is spreading now, reaching the boundaries of Karnataka to other states. 

It is My aspiration that our children from this batch as they grow up and finish their degrees and post graduations, they will take upon themselves this great task of bringing the light of education to more corners of Karnataka and the world where there is a dire need. And to all the parents who are here, it is My sincere request that they must not think of their children as just for themselves but think of them as members of the society who have a duty to deliver for the welfare of the entire mankind.

Divine Visit to Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketanam – Gulbarga – August 26 to August 31, 2018

Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketanam at Gulbarga houses the students from Grade 6 to Grade 12 and the Undergraduate students as well. As promised, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in His subtle form decided to bless them all yet again with His divine proximity, guidance and love. He reached the Campus by evening and was received with lot of love by all the students who had been eagerly waiting for Him. After dinner, He retired for the night.

On the morning of August 27, 2018 in the prayer hall there was a Satsang with Bhagawan with all the students and staff of the Campus. Bhagawan gave a discourse on the importance of the divine selfless prayer – ‘Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu’. He explained about the importance of prayer in one’s journey of becoming selfless. Bhagawan also said that He gives first preference to the selfless prayers of devotees.

During the evening, Bhagawan blessed all the Undergraduate students and faculty with an interview and spoke about ‘Sanathana Dharma’. He told that all the religions of today are the fruits from the “Maha Vruksham” (great tree) called Sanathana Dharma which is a way of life and not a religion. Bhagawan also said that ‘Sathya Sai Baba is not God, but God is Sathya Sai Baba and that Sathya Sai Baba is just a expression or a symbol of God. Swami also went on to speak about Para Vidya and Apara Vidya, and pointed out that worldly knowledge is just for a living, whereas spiritual knowledge is the ultimate goal of one’s life. After Mangala Arati and dinner, Swami retired for the night.

On August 28, 2018, Bhagawan visited Sri Sathya Sai Premaniketanam at Bijapur and then returned to Gulbarga by the afternoon of August 29, 2018. During the evening on this day, there was a musical treat by the Undergraduate students.There were few Vachanas, Abhangs, and Kritis offered at His Lotus Feet. Bhagawan blessed them with yet other opportunity to perform during the Annual Sports and Cultural meet in January 2019. Later, Bhagawan received Mangala Arati and rested for the evening.

August 30, 2018, was yet another unforgettable day as Bhagawan visited the hostel at Gulbarga Campus. The day began with Ganapathi Moolamantra Homa which was conducted by the Undergraduate students and staff. Bhagawan arrived at the Yaaga Shaala at about 10 a.m. and presided over the Poornahuti. Sri B N Narasimha Murthy addressed all, and Bhagawan blessed everyone with His discourse thereafter. Bhagawan, in His discourse highlighted the importance and inner meaning of Homas and Yajnas. He then sprinkled the holy water of the Homa on all the students, staff and gathered devotees.

Following this, there was a programme presented by the students. They offered various songs, speeches, poems and even a dance. After their performance, Bhagawan proceeded to inaugurate the newly setup 130Kwp solar power plant at the Campus. The merciful Lord also visited the hostel rooms of students and staff and gave them valuable advice. Thereafter He had lunch with the students, distributed ice creams, blessed them and retired to His residence.

On August 31, 2018 morning, Bhagawan blessed everyone in the Campus profusely and made His way to His next fledgling Campus – Sri Sathya Sai Prashantiniketanam at Hyderabad.


Divine Visit to Sri Sathya Sai Prashantiniketanam – Hyderabad – August 31 and September 01, 2018

Swami arrived at Kondapaka (Siddipet district) at 12:45 p.m. on 31 August 2018 and was escorted from the highway to the Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthiniketanam College (SSSPN) entrance by an escort of the Pre University girls riding on bikes. The girls had learnt to ride bikes in just two weeks as they were eager to welcome swami in a grand way. Thereafter, from the college main gate Swami was welcomed by the slow march contingent and Vedam group.

Swami went straight to the guest house which was constructed newly. Bhagawan consecrated the Ganesha idol, unveiled the plaque and then visited each of the rooms which were tastefully decorated. The entire guest house had been given a rustic vibe with cane furniture to blend with the natural rocks. The guest house comprises of four rooms, a lobby and a dining hall. In Swami’s words, it is not a guest house but a “rest house” for everyone who is contributing to the college. The completion of the guest house in such a short time was a miracle by itself. Swami then went on to inspect the kitchen and spent a lot of time with the kitchen staff enquiring about the food schedule, and whether all the required equipment was in place. This was followed by lunch for all the guests.

After a brief rest in the afternoon, Bhagawan arrived for the evening session at 5 p.m. He first unveiled the Saraswati statue at the lobby of the College and mentioned that mother Sharada was present there to take care of the girls. He then went to the hall where the evening programme was arranged for all the devotees and children, which commenced with Vedam chanting. One of the students, Nanditha, welcomed the gathering. She is an orphan who had never heard about Swami and narrated her story of how she came to join this College. This was followed by three talks by students in different languages about their experiences. Preethi narrated how she had attended the youth conference last year and was mesmerised by Swami’s teachings, and His mission. Triveni who was a student of Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir narrated about how she was perplexed on how to continue her future education, when within a month Swami came to her school and announced that He would start a college! She also narrated how she participated in the dance drama at Muddenahalli as “Hanuman” and had gone into the character and was blessed by Swami. Swami later mentioned that He was looking after her from when she was very young and had a master plan for her. Manognya then spoke in Sanskrit which she had learnt in the last three months, and was applauded by all. All the girls prayed to Swami to make them instruments in His divine mission.

Swami then launched the college website and released the August edition of the Each One Educate One (E1E1) newsletter. Under the E1E1 programme all the 80 girls of the college have been covered and this month’s edition was covered the experiences of the students. This was followed by graceful and colourful dance ballet presented by the girls depicting the Dashavatharam. Swami blessed the girls and asked them to present a dance ballet on the evening of the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet. A musical concert by Smt Shesulatha, an accomplished musician and music teacher to the girls, offered a few songs at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet.

Sri B N Narasimha Murthy addressed the gathering next. He explained the various programmes under Swami’s mission and how they were progressing at a galloping speed. He congratulated all involved in the establishment of the Campus. This was followed by a talk by Dr K P Sai Leela, Chairperson of all the Girls Campuses in Swami’s mission.

Then the moment for which everyone were waiting arrived, and Swami blessed all with His divine message. He mentioned that the mission is moving ahead because of dedicated instruments in each location. Bhagawan congratulated all the elders involved and introduced Sri Kondal Rao and Sri Prasad. He blessed the girls and said they have kept the college and hostel very clean and spoke with a lot of confidence.

After Mangala Aarti, Swami had dinner with all the girls and guests, and personally distributed sweets to all while talking to almost each student. Swami then retired for the night.

The next day, 01 September, post breakfast, Swami blessed the students, staff and members with an informal session and blessed all with group photographs. Swami like a loving mother enquired about the girls on the daily routine, on who is more talkative etc. He patiently explained to them about the various colleges and hospitals under His mission and how people from distant countries were contributing to the same. He asked the children to go to the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital at Naya Raipur and see the miracle there! The girls then sang a couple of songs, and Mangala Arati was offered to their beloved Lord Sai! After being immersed in the divine grace, the girls bid Swami farewell with bike escorts yet again, as He departed to Muddenahalli along with His entourage.


Divine Visit to Sri Sathya Sai Premaniketanam – Bijapur – August 28 and 29, 2018

Amidst cheerful shouts of Jaikaar, Bhangra dance, Vedam procession and showers of flowers by His loving children of the Campus, Swami entered the Sri Sathya Sai Premaniketanam Campus around 12:30 p.m on 28 August 2018, a day much awaited by His children as they had been getting ready in their body, mind and spirit to receive the unseen ‘Lord of The Universe’ in their Campus. As soon as Swami got down from the car, He acknowledged the efforts of students and staff of planting trees by saying that the Campus now looked clean and green.

Lunch was arranged for all the students and guests with Swami, and He lovingly distributed ice-creams to all His children. He was very happy to see some recently passed out students from Gulbarga Campus and some students pursuing medicine from Bijapur, who visit the Campus every weekend.

In the evening, a programme was arranged by all the students, with commenced with Vedic invocation. Swami was very happy and remarked that there was much improvement in their intonation and chanting. Brother Gangadhar Matapathi who is serving as the Warden of the Campus welcomed Swami and all the guests. Sri Govinda Reddy, the Chairman of the Bijapur Campus stressed upon the fact that it was indeed a great good fortune to receive Swami and bask in His love. A few songs were presented by the students thereafter, and Swami was very pleased with the rendition. It was the fruit of the hard work of the Undergraduate students from the Gulbarga Campus, who visit the Bijapur Campus every weekend to train the students in music.

A few students then shared their experiences. One of the student speakers by name Kenchray Poojari, who is a beneficiary of the Sri Madiyala Narayan Bhat scholarship, spoke about the poverty in his family. He said that he never knew the concept of breakfast until he joined Swami’s school. He had the first breakfast of his life here at the Campus. He offered his gratitude to Swami and said that he would study hard and continue his graduation as well, and serve many more children who come from the unprivileged part of society in Swami’s Institutions and pass on the gift of education, which he is receiving by Swami’s mercy, to other such children. Swami was very happy and commanded that all the needs of the child must be taken care.

After the speeches, there was a cultural programme by students. The first was Roller Skating and Skipping, which the boys had learnt on their own to please their Master.
The second event was Pyramid formations which again was done by students, with the help of staff. The third was a Miming act, which showed the story of a young poor boy and how all his dreams came true due to Swami’s projects of Breakfast Seva and Education. Swami was extremely happy with all the programmes and remarked that with a little improvement these could be performed in Muddenahalli at the grand Premamrutham auditorium!

After this Swami commanded Sri Venkatesh Kamath, who is currently serving as the Warden of the Gulbarga Campus to speak. Kamath Anna spoke at length about Swami’s Institutions and told how Swami’s own students are required to take care of Swami’s Mission.

This was followed by Swami’s Divine Message. Swami said that whatever one does, good or bad comes back to him or her in multiple folds. He stressed upon the need of doing good in society. He said that if you stay at the campus and do even a little for Swami, it will be multiplied and will be credited to your account. When there is a need this can be debited to protect oneself in difficult times.

With Mangala Arati, the evening programme concluded.

The next morning, Swami gave an interview to all the staff of the Campus. He blessed the students and started back to Gulbarga Campus around 10:30 a.m. This short trip was enough to recharge the entire Bijapur Campus with a lot of energy. Everyone was satisfied and happy as their dearest Swami spent precious moments with all of them!


Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenhalli – September 02, 2018

One of the most awaited and most celebrated festivals in the Indian calendar is the birthday of Lord Krishna, popularly called Krishna Janmashtami. This festival falls on the auspicious eighth day of the month Shraavana, which corresponds to the months of August-September in the Gregorian calendar. It is the believed that at the stroke of the mid-night on this day, the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva, the eighth Avatar of Lord Vishnu, took birth on this earth. Devotees across the globe celebrate this day with great fervour and joy, and devotees gathered at Sathya Sai Grama at Muddenahalli also welcomed their Sai Krishna on this blessed day.

This year’s Krishna Janmashtami on September 2, 2018 was commemorated in the most illustrious manner. Bhagawan was welcomed into the Premamrutham Hall escorted by the Nadaswaram band, boys chanting Vedas, and an idol of Lord Krishna that was taken in procession. Bhagawan blessed the decorated cows to everybody’s delight by feeding them, and thus played the part of Gopala, the tender of cows. Swami also blessed the children who had gathered outside the Premamrutham hall dressed like Krishna, Balarama, and Gopis, bringing back the memories of Vrindavana where Lord Krishna played with His childhood comrades. Bhajans were in progress as Bhagawan entered the Hall from the main entrance.

A tastefully decorated idol of Lord Krishna adorned the stage and a statue of Kamadhenu was also placed near the Krishna idol, as per Swami’s command.

As a lyrical gift to the Krishna Avatar who loved music, a bouquet of Bhajans and songs were presented by the girls and boys students of Bhagawan. He listened to each one of them intently and was visibly lost in the bliss of their euphonic rendition. Thereafter, the Vishnu Suktam was chanted by both the Sri Sathya Sai Prashantiniketanam Girls’ Pre-University College, and undergraduate girls students. Sri B N Narasimha Murthy addressed the gathering, and narrated the story of how Lord Krishna protected the Pandavas and how He made Karna realise that though his life seemed unfair to him, it did not justify his choice of holding up for the side of Adharma.

Following this, Bhagawan delivered His Krishna Janmashtami discourse, extolling the virtues of Lord Krishna and how Krishna lived an ideal life, which should be emulated by everybody. Bhagawan exhorted the students and devotees to learn from Lord Krishna’s life and follow His ideals. At the end of the Discourse, Bhagawan instructed the Bhajan Group to sing the Bhajan—Govind Krishna Jai, Gopala Krishna Jai.

Mangala Arati was offered to Bhagawan and the morning programme came to an end.


Education Lineage!

A surprise visit to Bijapur campus to meet His beloved children, brought joy and cheer to the little hearts beyond words. At a short notice, the children were ready with songs, speeches and Veda recital to offer to their Lord.

Swami, who derived much delight from their innocent endeavours, was all praise for the effort of the students of the University for Human Excellence, some of whom had graduated and joined the Campus to teach and care for the children, while others were traveling every weekend from Gulbarga Campus to Bijapur Campus through the rough roads, to teach Music and Veda to their younger brothers.

This sincere efforts of the students of the University had borne fruits as the children were now chanting Vedas and singing Bhajans much better than before.

Swami who had brought the Vice Chancellor and a few other officials of the University along with Him, went on praising the children and the University students like a proud mother.

He observed and remarked to all present, “See, our Vice Chancellor Dr PDN Srinivasu was the student of Prof Prabhakar Rao who is also here today. These University boys are the students of Dr PDN Srinivasu, and now Bijapur school boys are students of the University boys. This is the lineage of the education, which ought not to be broken.”

Quoting from the hymns of Shikshavalli, that was recited by the young students spiritedly, Swami said, “The Guru guides the students as they graduate saying -‘Prajathanthum Maa Vyavachethsi’- do not break the lineage. Today, we are having the lineage of teacher and students, this is our lineage of education and this ought not to be broken.”

The lineage of education, the lineage formed out of love remains unbroken for four generations now and shall continue for ever.      

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations – September 13 2018, Thursday

Ganesh Prana Prathistapana and Divine Discourse
Public Satsang  


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