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Annapoorna Breakfast Programme

“There are many school-going children who do not have proper breakfast in the morning. With an empty stomach how can they study? Children are the next generation youth and it our responsibility to nurture them right from the beginning. Children who either cannot afford or are not being served breakfast at home, should not go hungry to the school as it is detrimental to their physical and mental health.”


Nourishing the Nation through Nutrition

The Annapoorna Breakfast Programme was started in July 2012 to provide nutritious breakfast, free of cost, to underprivileged children in the outskirts of Bangalore. To begin with, the volunteers served breakfast every morning to the children of a small school from Doddabelle village. And in no time, it was noticed that the children’s attendance in the school improved, attention spans went up and their overall happiness quotient increased.

Motivated by the results, more schools were adopted. And what started as a service initiative benefiting about 50 children in 2012 has now grown to embrace more than 20,000 children across 249 centres in eight Indian states. More than 2 million breakfasts have been served till date.

The menu options, prepared under the professional guidance of nutrition experts, has been tailored to meet the calorie requirements of growing children. What’s more, breakfast is freshly cooked on campus by the local cooks, ensuring that it not only appeases the little palates but also generates employment opportunities to villagers.

To ensure that children continue to reap the benefits of healthful breakfast, Team Annapoorna reaches out to their village as a community, empowering the villagers to take charge of their development. Using the four-pronged inclusive approach, which is modelled on the 4Vs of Vidya, Vaidya, Vaari and Vidyuth, the Annapoorna programme has been designed to enable rural uplift and transformation.

You can watch a short video on the breakfast initiative here.

To know more about how the Annapoorna initiative is nourishing the soul of the nation, click here.


Since 2012, under Bhagawan’s continued guidance, the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Institutions have established many schools of integrated learning across the state of Karnataka.


Under Baba’s Divine guidance, two child cardiac-care specialty hospitals have been established which offer diagnostics and treatment of congenital heart diseases, totally free of cost.

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