It is said that living with God is true education. This couldn’t have been truer for Sri Madhusudan Rao Naidu. Bestowed with the rare blessing of being able to see, speak to and hear Bhagawan, his life is dedicated to being an instrument in His hands, helping serve and spread Bhagawan’s mission of love and peace in the world.

In this column, we bring to you the little nuggets of spiritual and practical wisdom that the author has witnessed during the interactions of Bhagawan with His Students, Teachers and Devotees.

Become Me!

On another occasion, when somebody asked, “Swami, You have such a grand mission, how can I help You in Your mission?” One would have thought that by being a doctor in the hospital or by being a teacher in the school or by being a volunteer in His Seva projects, one could help Him. But, Swami spoke again to the surprise of all when He said, “You can help Me in My mission by becoming Me, because if one Sai Baba could do so much, then two Sai Babas can do a lot more together!”

Karma Transfer!

“If someone prays selflessly for others, then I can destroy that Karma, just like seeds that get destroyed in the fire, and lose their potency to germinate. Therefore, God is called ‘Karma Dhwamsine Namaha – Salutations to the destroyer of Karma’.  So I always tell everyone to pray for all, ‘Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu – May all beings in all the worlds be happy’. When you pray for all thus, since you are also a part of that ‘universal all’, you are saved too!”

Atithi Devo Bhava

It was in Ottawa, when the hosts came to serve Swami that He remarked, ”In Indian culture the guest is considered as God and the scriptures say ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. It was a great ideal that everyone lived by. Today you are so fortunate as it’s not merely about ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (Guest is God) but it is ‘Devo Atithi Bhava’ (God is Guest)”, He added with a smile.”

Lost and Found!

“With Swami you will never get lost anywhere in the world.”
Overwhelmed, the youth burst out, “Swami I only want to be lost in God.” And pat came the reply from Swami, “You can not be LOST in God, you can be only FOUND in God.”

All the world is a dream!

“That’s true, the deeper the details in the dream, the more convincingly real it appears to be. The more your senses are engaged in this dream, the more real it appears to be. Therefore, the wise ones withdrew their senses from the sense objects and abided in their true selves all the time, so they don’t get falsely convinced about its unreal nature.”

If you want to know Me…

He heard it, smiled, and leaned a little forward on His recliner sofa, to come closer to my face and whispered, “IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ME, THEN BECOME ME!”

End to End!

It wasn’t long ago that in Germany when someone during the Youth Meet asked Swami as to how to introduce Him to the youth who are new, He said, “Tell them I am the servant of servants, and not the Master of Masters”.

He finds His people!

In fact I have found each one of you who was lost and brought you here. I travelled from home to home, country to country only to find you and bring you to me.

Your mistake is My opportunity!

See, when I make a mistake it’s an opportunity for you, similarly when you make a mistake it’s an opportunity for Me! Man’s adversity is God’s opportunity!

What is God’s worth?

Of course, every one wants to share the merits of others, but no one is willing to share their sins. God alone shares the sins

Who would share our sins?

Of course, every one wants to share the merits of others, but no one is willing to share their sins. God alone shares the sins

The Greatest Marriage..

The true marriage is when the devotee merges in devotion with the Lord. It’s an occasion that must be celebrated. This marriage alone is true merger, all the rest is mere mirage.

Easter Holiday or Holydays?

Easter Holy days now are more significant than ever before, for the message of ISA (Jesus) is the same as the message of SAI, and both the Masters have given up their lives for the emancipation of humanity. This time is most sacred and must be spent as HOLY days in remembrance and following of the teachings of both the Masters. It will only be very unfortunate if it is whiled away as holidays, forgetting the very purpose of their sacrifices

I need to work harder

I know that all of you have been missing Me, and also have been complaining that Swami has time to go to all the countries but not to come to our schools. But let Me tell you My children, that also is for your sake alone. I am ‘Sai Baba’, the divine mother and father rolled in to one. Just as I have a duty to care for you, visit you and nurture you like a mother, I also have to provide for you and protect you as a father. Since I have to perform this ‘double role’, I have to work harder.

Prema Sai – The Silent Teacher

As one progresses spiritually, the regular conversations don’t have a place, as the devotees come to Guru only for the blissful experience of being in His divine presence. All questioning and answering ceases then. That’s why I say when Prema Sai comes, there won’t be any need for Him to speak much, as the kind of devotees around Him would be so evolved that they would just come to experience Him and not to ask or seek anything

Bullet train or the mind?

Mind is the fastest, for in one moment it can be here, and in another moment it can be elsewhere in the Universe. However, just like the bullet train, the outward going mind can be turned inwards too. Just imagine if the mind can go outward at such a high speed and travel great distance in a trice; if only it is turned inwards it can also travel equally fast and reach the truth that we ought to attain.

Hurry up!

Ancient Japanese culture and for that matter all ancient cultures were based on ‘Faith in God’, respect for nature and love for fellow beings, as they knew everything is divine. We must rejuvenate that culture of Japan. The older generation cannot be changed easily, but if we teach this to the younger ones, transformation can happen. That alone can save the people of this country.

Vamana Roopa to Vishwa Roopa

Though so far you saw My short statured ‘Vamana Roopa’ of 5 feet and 3 inches in the physical body, now I am expanding and growing in to the Vishwa Roopa which is going to cover the entire cosmos, and when I ask you where to keep My third step, don’t be hesitant to offer Your head which means all your ego and attachments

Sai’s Army

No I am not joking, it is indeed an army training camp here, for I am training these students rigorously to be not merely my soldiers, but my commanders. They are going to lead this mission of love and service. They are getting trained not to fight and divide, but to love and unite the entire mankind. They are under special training.

Argentina or Urgentina

There is a great urgency for Me to serve people. Just as a mother cannot wait to feed her hungry child, a father cannot wait to educate his apple of the eye, just as parents cannot wait when the child is unhealthy or suffering for morning to dawn, and they will rush the child to the hospital, likewise I too cannot wait to rescue, help and serve those in need. Therefore, My mission is expanding faster than ever before. You too should not be from Argentina, but from Urgentina.