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The Greatest Marriage..

April 27, 2017 • Inner View

The true marriage is when the devotee merges in devotion with the Lord. It's an occasion that must be celebrated. This marriage more

Easter Holiday or Holydays?

April 20, 2017 • Inner View

Easter Holy days now are more significant than ever before, for the message of ISA (Jesus) is the same as the message of SAI, and more

I need to work harder

April 16, 2017 • Inner View

I know that all of you have been missing Me, and also have been complaining that Swami has time to go to all the countries but more

Prema Sai – The Silent Teacher

April 6, 2017 • Inner View

As one progresses spiritually, the regular conversations don't have a place, as the devotees come to Guru only for the blissful more

Bullet train or the mind?

March 30, 2017 • Inner View

Mind is the fastest, for in one moment it can be here, and in another moment it can be elsewhere in the Universe. However, just more

Hurry up!

March 23, 2017 • Inner View

Ancient Japanese culture and for that matter all ancient cultures were based on 'Faith in God', respect for nature and love for more

Vamana Roopa to Vishwa Roopa

March 16, 2017 • Inner View

Though so far you saw My short statured 'Vamana Roopa' of 5 feet and 3 inches in the physical body, now I am expanding and more

Sai’s Army

March 9, 2017 • Inner View

No I am not joking, it is indeed an army training camp here, for I am training these students rigorously to be not merely my more

Argentina or Urgentina

March 2, 2017 • Inner View

There is a great urgency for Me to serve people. Just as a mother cannot wait to feed her hungry child, a father cannot wait to more

Anyatha Sharanam Nasti – Ms. Sunitha

January 11, 2017 • Experiences

She knew not where she was getting pulled, and who He was, but she felt unflinchingly drawn towards Him. The story of how Ms more

Hridayanivasi Sai – Jeevanresh PS and Dr P Rachana

December 21, 2016 • Experiences

Swami only knows when and how to draw a person towards Him. Not by luck or coincidence, but only through His infinite grace and more


November 28, 2016 • Experiences

It was in January 2015 that Ms Sindhu Vinod first heard about Swami in His subtle body visiting Dubai. Even though she didn’t more

Swami is always with us and will never forget…

October 16, 2016 • Featured Articles

At the beginning of this year my wife Gisela and I felt very strongly the inner call in our hearts to visit Swami in more

Beacon of Love

September 8, 2016 • Featured Blogs, Speeches in the Divine Presence

The most beautiful things in the universe can neither be seen nor touched. They can only be felt in the heart. If we think about more

Sai – the Rainbow in my Heart

September 2, 2016 • Experiences

The physical form was not there, it was true, but something much stronger than that was present. His infinite love, the thrill more

God is love and compassion

September 1, 2016 • Featured Blogs, Speeches in the Divine Presence

Reams have been written about Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. I have also written few volumes of His biography. But even today, if more

Sai Baba – The Living presence – Father Charles…

August 30, 2016 • Featured Articles

When I was told, in 2014, that Sai Baba was manifesting in the Subtle Body in the hallowed hills of Muddenahalli, I went to more

Proof of God’s presence is in His actions

August 25, 2016 • Featured Blogs, Speeches in the Divine Presence

When we are in crisis and distress, it is only God and God alone, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who will come to our rescue. more

When the Indweller revealed Himself

August 24, 2016 • Experiences

Both my brother and I experienced tremendous joy and were wonder struck at some of the interesting life lessons that were taught more

Follow your heart and not the mind

August 11, 2016 • Featured Blogs, Speeches in the Divine Presence

Hrudaya Dharma is more important than the logic of the mind. Consider the cases of Bheeshma in Mahabharata and Vibheeshana in more