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Experiencing the Omnipresence of Baba After the Mahasamadhi –…

July 30, 2015 • Featured Articles

I experienced Baba’s Omnipresence many a time, which I had shared with Sai devotees in different articles in the past. But the more

Ceaseless Shower of Grace – Dr. J Shashidara Prasad

July 30, 2015 • Featured Articles

One of the mandates of Swami was that I should earnestly hasten up the process of starting the new campus of His University in more

It is the Same Love and Compassion – Sri…

July 30, 2015 • Featured Articles

My fellow Sai devotees, Swami was all about his mission to uplift the humanity and raise our consciousness which He continues to more

How it all Started – Sri Madhusudhan

July 30, 2015 • Featured Articles

It was on the last day of our trip to Kodaikanal with Bhagawan in the summer of 2003, while doing padaseva to Swami; He playfully more