Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Are you considered as a Tyagajivi? – Divine Discourse Summary – Fourth Year Anniversary of Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust – December 29, 2019

According to Me there are four kinds of Jivis. The first are Rogajivis, they only take, they don’t give anything, so they become Rogis that is sick people. They are the lowest of the low, Rogajivis. Then there are Bhogajivis. They take a lot, give a little. Then there are Tyagajivis who take a little but give away a lot. But then the highest of all are Yogajivis. They don’t take anything, but they give everything. Most of the people are born Rogajivis – Bhavaroga. Most of the world is made of these Rogajivis and Bhogajivis only. There are only handful of Tyagajivis who give more and take very little what they require not more than that. And one in a million perhaps is a Yogajivi who just depends on God, does not take anything from anyone, just depends on God but all the time he or she spends in the service of others, in giving, in forgiving. 

 Our mission is not just nutrition, our mission is transformation. Transformation in the people who are served and more importantly transformation in those who are serving. Many of you before joining the Annapoorna Seva were perhaps Rogajivis or Bhogajivis. Mostly you were living for yourselves. After joining a mission like this which teaches you to serve and sacrifice for others sake, definitely you qualify to be called Tyagajivis. Therefore, the first beneficiary of Annapoorna Seva is you yourself who are here to serve others. While children get their nutrition, you are undergoing a transformation. Annapoorna is not just about feeding children. It is truly a platform, an opportunity to transform ourselves from this Bhogis and Rogis to Tyagis and Yogis. How do you serve in Annapoorna? You serve with this attitude that you are serving none other than your own selves. Because I am the beneficiary of this Seva, I am becoming a better human being. This humility should be the hallmark of every Annapoorna Sevaka. If you want to be happy in your life, you have to give happiness to others.

A child is the responsibility of the entire society. He is the most important unit of the society. I am very very very keen that the children of the world must be served as per their need, as per their requirements. Many times, people ask Me, “Swami, You are telling so much more we have to do, so much more we have to do. How are we going to do all this?” I tell them only one thing, “You develop pure, selfless love in your heart. And love will do everything.” The power in pure love, selfless love is tremendous, infinite. It can achieve anything that it wants. The absolute supreme infinite power is pure love alone. Develop this kind of pure selfless love.