‘As is the food, so is the head’ – Summary of Divine Discourse on 3 January, 2016

In the Taittiriya Upanishad, it is mentioned that Bhrigu went to seek divine knowledge. He realised the truth that from food everything comes and from food divinity arises.

Food is not only what we eat. Whatever we see, whatever we hear, whatever we touch, whatever we feel and whatever we experience is also food. It is a mistaken notion to think that what we partake through the mouth alone is food. There are five ingredients in the annamaya kosha – hearing, touching, seeing, tasting and smelling – all these constitute the organs of the human system, the body.

Food enters into the body and makes the mind. As is the food, so is the mind. When food is sacred, all the five senses – sound, touch, smell, touch, form, taste – are sanctified. The breakfast service not only protects the mind, it sanctifies the head also. “As is the food, so is the head!” All the impurities get extinct when you pray, chanting Brahmarapanam.

You should give with Shraddha, diligence and faith. Faithlessness is not good. With diligence and interest, you must do work. Then you will reap the benefit. Give bounteously, not miserly. Give with humility. Give with the feeling that it should suffice their needs. You must have concern that whatever is served should satisfy them, and not serve out of ego. Serve with this awareness. Out of ignorance, we should not act or we have to face the consequences.

O Golden Ones! It is difficult to cross samsara without performing seva. Little or more, we should perform service. Yes, breakfast is not a very big thing; it is a small thing, it can be easily served. Nobody in the entire world, no school-going child should go to school starving without food.

Dadheechi! What was he? When Indra faced a dire disaster, he appealed to the sage Dadheechi for a weapon. “How it should be made?” the sage asked. “You should sacrifice your backbone and make the weapon. Then alone I would be able to kill the demons”, explained Indra. Without hesitating even for a moment, Dadheechi burnt himself and sacrificed his life and gave the backbone. And that was used as Vajrayudha by Indra.

I can achieve anything if I get such people of supreme self-sacrifice. We should not waste away our life in sensual indulgence. We should instead sanctify our life by serving others. Suffuse yourself with the spirit of service and make the entire world Sai world.