Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

As Sai students, how should you prepare to be ready for Swami’s work? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – October 06, 2018

The love that children – students – have for Swami and that love that Swami has for students cannot ever be described in words. In fact, it is not two kinds of love – one from the students, other from Swami – it is one and the same. It is Swami’s love which gets reflected in the hearts of the students and comes back to Swami. Swami’s love is rained upon everybody equally. But the way you experience that love, recollect that love depends on the purity of your heart. First and foremost, we have to cultivate purity of the heart. When there is purity, Divinity is manifest by itself. If you look anywhere, you see only Divinity and there is anything else. Some people experience it and many people cannot experience it. When you fill your hearts with love, you can easily experience Swami’s love. 

It is not by some coincidence you have come here. Because you have earned some merit previously in some life, you are able to come here today. Don’t think it is a very easy opportunity. It is because of some merit you have earned in your previous lives, your craving or yearning in your heart, today you are here. If you want to be really called as Sai students, the kind of relationship that you have achieved with Swami, you have to strengthen it by purifying your heart and also life and also share it with many others – only then you can be called a true Sai student. You have to intensify that love you have for Swami and also firm up your faith that Swami is always with Me. With these two, wherever you go, whenever, Swami is always with you. Only when you achieve this, you will become truly Sai’s students.

With passage of time, this Ashram will grow and grow and go right up to Chikkaballapur. That is expansion love. Love always keeps on expanding and never contracts. Similarly, your love also has to expand, not contract. All of us should develop that broad-mindedness that everybody belongs to me and everyone is a part of my family. You have lot of responsibilities and you should wait for opportunity when Swami will call me and give me some opportunity and responsibility. Therefore, always be ready with Swami. Equanimity, equal-mindedness is very important. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail but all the time we should be equal-minded and be happy, joyful thinking of Swami. When you are steady like that, then you can go. Therefore, be ready without attachment. Be steady without any attachment. Then you get the call, ‘Go’ you should go. Fill your heart with love. Be steady in mind. Be ready in hand. Purity, unity and Divinity should get together.