Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Atma – the master of the mind – Summary of Divine Discourse on 02 October 2016

The body is the temple and the individual self, who resides in the body is verily God Himself. In every human being, God shines forth in the form of the Atma. The body is an instrument by which we can take up spiritual practices to attain God. God has given us this human body in order to cross over the ocean of birth and death. By using this body in the right way, we can attain Godhood. But many times through unholy activities, we ruin the purity of the body. When you lose the purity, there is no way we can reach divinity.

The mind drives the body and the body follows the way the mind drives it. It is necessary to have the brakes of sense control. We should have the vision of wisdom. Even if the car of good, there is danger if the driver is bad. Who is the master of the mind, which is the driver? It is the Atma. If the driver, which is the mind listens to the commands of the Atma, who is the master, the car will reach the destination safely. Why are we performing many rituals or many worships and adoration like Yaga and Yajna? It is in order to master the mind. We should never keep the mind idle. You have to tell the mind, “Here is this pillar of God’s name. You keep going up and down chanting His name.” You can choose any name of God that you like, but the mind should be employed in good activity all the time. Mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. They are like threads of thoughts. Just as a white cloth has white threads, a pure mind has pure thoughts. Even if the mind becomes polluted with worldly desires, it is possible to clean it with chanting the name of God. When you have a pure mind, you walk on the pure path.

Not by activity, not by wealth, not by progeny, only by sacrifice one can attain immortality. Our destination is self-realisation. If you want to attain self-realisation, you have to walk on the path of Dharma. All activity should purify the mind. If you are in good company all the time, thinking of God and doing good activity, the mind will never get polluted. When the mind is polluted, it will ruin the body. If you want to keep the mind pure, first and foremost you should be in good company. By good company you can reach solitude. Through solitude you can gain detachment. From detachment, you get a steady mind. A steady mind leads us to liberation. 

Yoga is controlling the mind. Through practice and detachment, we can control the mind. In Thyaga, we do sacrifice. In the Yaga Yajna, you offer many precious materials such as grains and clothes into the fire. When we offer all these materials into the fire, they become a form of energy. The mantra chanted is like an address and all the offerings are like a letter we write. The fire is the postman. This postman takes your offering from one point to another. All Gods and demi-Gods and Goddesses are the energy forms or the subtle forms. That is how the fire God takes the energy to them. When you pray with love, all your prayers will reach God. You have to offer all your bad and wicked qualities into the fire in the Yajna and offer it to God.

Why are we offering all these offerings? In order to offer our gratitude to all these Gods and Goddesses, who are protecting us. Oxygen or air keeps flowing all the time, water quenches the thirst of everyone, the earth is going around the sun without stopping. All these things happen according to the command of God. Through this Yajna and Yaga, we are offering our gratitude to God. We have to wish for the welfare of everybody in the world. Let everybody be happy. The whole world is an organ of God. We have to pray that everybody should be happy. If everybody is blissful, we will also be blissful.

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