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Can you become a Radha or a Hanuman? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 20, 2019

One fine day it so happened, Krishna said, “I must leave because I have a mission. I must leave Brindavan, go to Mathura.” Radha said, ” Which Krishna? This Krishna you want me to worry about? This Krishna may leave.  So you go to Mathura, do your work, that is your work. I am here and for me, my Krishna is not just this form because I have not attached myself to this form of Krishna. I have attached myself to this Divinity, this principle of pure love of Krishna and that I see in everything. In sand, in leaves, in flowers, in trees, in birds, in everything I see Krishna. So, don’t try to fool me by saying you are Krishna and you are leaving. My Krishna is everywhere.”

That is the devotion of Radha while all Gopikas were falling this way, that way out of sadness, Radha stood firm and calm. It was Krishna’s turn now to actually fall at Radha’s feet. Always Radha fell at Krishna’s feet; this was the day when Krishna bent down on his knees and told Radha, “I am blessed to have a devotee like you. You are not blessed to have a god like me, but I am blessed to have a devotee like you. I feel so happy and fulfilled.” And he said, “Till my name is there in this universe, your name also will be there. And not only that, your name will be taken before my name.” You go to Brindavan, today also, wherever you see, they will greet you as ‘Radhe Radhe’. They won’t greet you as ‘Krishna Krishna’. The Pujaris there said, “See, this is one place where devotee has become greater than God Himself because of the devotion, which is so pure, so unsullied, so surrendered that God says ‘I am blessed to have a devotee.'” This is different kind of devotion altogether. This is not ordinary devotion.

 So, what is the surprise if a devotee comes before the Lord, if devotion is that of Radha, every devotee will be front and Lord behind. Every Lord will be known because of the devotion of the devotee. Hanuman could capture Rama in his heart. Today Hanuman’s temple are more than Rama’s temple. How it happened? Because there was a devotee like Hanuman who gave himself away to God and said, “I don’t want anything from you. Let me be a servant of yours. I don’t want to go anywhere; I don’t want to do anything. Just let me be with you.” For Treta yuga, I gave example of Hanuman, for Dwapara yuga, I gave example of Radha. For Kali yuga also there should be some example who can also tell people that it is possible, who can also tell people that this is the way to become one with the master, one with the Lord.