Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Christmas Divine Discourse – December 25, 2016

Message of Christmas : Journey from I am Baba’s Devotee to I’m Baba’s Son to Baba and I are One

Religions are many, but the path to God is one. Beings are many, but breath is one. Philosophies are many, but God is one. Though Jesus gave up His body, we have faith that He is always with us and we lead our lives basis that faith. He only gave the message of His heart to the whole of mankind. He did not have the intention to establish a religion or a caste or a creed. He went on showing the right path. But, today we have forgotten the very essence of His teachings and are facing many difficulties because of subjecting ourselves to narrow-mindedness. People are not practising what He really taught. They have divided themselves into many groups and are fighting among themselves. They have gotten fragmented. Why? This is because they forgot the real message of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ said at all times: My dear son! All are one. Be alike to everyone.

For human beings who are filled with ego and attachment, they can never see God. Where there is narrow-mindedness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, the broad-mindedness of Divinity will not be there. For the broad-minded people, the whole world is their family. What did He really teach? He said “Everybody belongs to us. Everyone belongs to us. Love thy neighbour as thyself. Don’t keep any sense of differences among yourselves.” An individual is part and parcel of society. The society is a part and parcel of God’s creation. And creation is part and parcel of God. They are one and the same. Because of the existence of the body and body consciousness, we think ‘I have a body. I have a form, I have a name and I have a family.’ Such a thought is prevalent in animals. The quality of human beings should be the broad-mindedness – of ‘we’ and ‘ours’. We can call ourselves real human beings only when we develop that kind of broad-mindedness.  Once we develop the broad-mindedness of ‘we’ and ‘ours’ and keep serving everyone, you will know that you and God are one.

First Jesus said: I am the messenger of God. He had the body consciousness then and so He felt He was different from God. Therefore, He said He was a servant or a messenger of God. Gradually He realises the fact that He was not just the body but He was an individual soul, a part of God. He realised the truth that I am a part and parcel of God, that God is in Me too. Then He proclaimed: I am the son of God. He never ever thought that He was the son of Mary or Joseph. He always thought that He was the son of God. He loved and served everyone and developed that kind of very large heartedness and finally He was crucified, put on the cross. He cried out first in anguish and pain, “O Father! Why are you subjecting Me to this kind of misery?” When He dissociated Himself with the body feeling, the body consciousness, He realised that the pain and anguish of the body really was not His and He recognised that He was one with God. “Body is Mine, I am not the body. I am the indweller, the eternal Divinity.” When He realised  this, He moved away from all anguish and pain. And ultimately when He gave up His life, He had identified Himself with everyone. In a short life of thirty-two years, He demonstrated such a great ideal for whole of mankind. He loved everybody and served everybody.

It is narrow-mindedness to love only those who love us and hate those who hate us. What is true Divinity? Divinity is to love those who criticise us, who harm us and hurt us because Divinity does not have any sense of difference. Without understanding the inner meaning, when we follow everything very superficially, we don’t reach anywhere. We keep saying “Love All.” Do we really love everyone?

Who is a true devotee? One who loves everybody and serves everybody.  Past is past, forget the past. In the journey of life, many people meet us and finally depart. In our short association with people, we may have to face some difficulties. Christmas tells us today we have to forgive all those who hurt us and pray for their welfare, their joy and their happiness. Beginning with I am the devotee of Baba, we move to ‘I am the son of Baba’ and finally, ‘I am one with Baba.’ This is the true message of Christmas that we have to learn and practise.