Cows are the highest ideal of selflessness among animals – Summary of Divine Discourse on 14 April, 2016

This body is given to us in order to help others. This word ‘paropakara’ is made up of three small words: ‘para’, ‘upa’, and ‘kara‘. ‘Para‘ means God, ‘upa’ means near, and ‘kara‘ is that which takes you (near God). What takes you nearer to God is ‘paropakara’. If you want to go nearer to God, you need to become dearer to God first.  What makes us really dear to God is doing what He really loves and likes. Loving everyone, serving everyone is what is very dear to Swami.

The whole of creation which has emerged from God reflects the nature of God. Wherever you look at creation, you can recognise the selfless nature of God. The rivers flow in order to help others, trees yield fruits in order to help others, cows yield milk to help others; therefore, the body is given to us to help others. The ideal of cows is the highest among all animals. Cows eat distasteful and useless grass and give milk for everybody to consume. Whatever the cow eats, it will transform its own blood into the form of milk and gives it to us. Because of the selfless service done by cows, all of us make our bodies strong and carry on our various activities. Whatever cows give back to us is very pure. Cows render service in many ways: not only giving us nutritious, pure milk; cow dung cakes are made which are used as fuel; its urine also has many medicinal qualities. We worship cows because of the selfless ideal set up by cows.

Today we are starting off the work for the ‘Gokulam’- the dairy. We should have a veterinary doctor with us and whenever there is a problem, the doctor should attend to the cows immediately. Closer to the goshala, we should create a facility for workers to stay. Since they are looking after the cows, we have to look after the workers well. No job is small or big in nature. The greatest example of this is Lord Krishna Himself. When He was in Gokulam, He would look after the comfort of the cows, feed the cows and clean up the cattle-sheds.

It is My wish that the Gokulam will be such that it will remind us of the old Brindavan, Brajabhumi, and that we create an ambience of purity and bliss here. With great thoughts, we have made this plan. Krishna will be at the centre of the Gokulam and all around there will be greenery, grass and other plants. In the form of a hexagon, there are sheds for the cows. Wherever the cows stand, they can have darshan of Krishna who will be situated in the centre.

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