Dawn of Sathya Yuga
-Summary of Divine Discourse on October 11, 2015 (Morning)

There are only two things that exist, the object is God (Paramatma) and His reflection is Creation (Prakriti). In order to start the work of Creation, God separated His power into the form of a Goddess –  Parameshwari. God and Goddess got together and created the Hiranyagarbha Lingam and from there emerged this Universe. It is not a physical lingam; it is an unseen energy without a shape and form.

In the Lingam there are both Shiva and Shakthi. Similarly Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara also have separated their powers in the feminine forms. Brahma is the creator. The creator should have great intelligence or wisdom. That intelligence was transformed into Saraswati – the power of intelligence. Vishnu is the one who sustains. For that the power of illusion is required. The power of illusion makes you see what is not there and makes you forget what is really there. The power of Vishnu therefore manifested as Lakshmi. In order to carry on the function of destruction, came Shiva and Parvathi. The power of Shiva is Parvathi. Therefore apart from Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara, their powers manifest themselves as Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvathi.

In the Ati Rudra Maha Yajna we are worshipping that primordial Hiranyagarbha. When the physical power, mental power and spiritual power get together, you can achieve anything in this world. The physical prowess is Durga; the mental power is Saraswati and spiritual power is Lakshmi. In order to know our real nature, their grace is very important. In order to do any kind of service, only physical strength (grace of Durga) is not enough. Wisdom is also required (grace of Saraswati). When we serve others, we have to think we are serving God Himself. If you want to have that kind of discrimination, you need spiritual power also. In order to develop that kind of discrimination, we need the grace of Mokshalakshmi. Only when we get rid of ego and attachment, we can realise God. And in order to get rid of that ego and attachment, you have to do selfless service. With the grace of the Goddess, you should gain all these three powers and finally realise your oneness with the Hiranyagarbha.

ABC means Always Be Careful. It also means Always be Cheerful. If you are careful, you can be cheerful.  When you love everybody, don’t ridicule anybody. Serve everybody with love. Then they will also be cheerful and you will also be cheerful. All of us together are here in order to materialise the Will of God. Whatever you do, follow your heart. The heart is always selfless. Yagna means sacrifice. We have to first sacrifice our ego and attachment. Sometimes the hand may create some trouble to the eye. Because of that are you going to cut off your hand? With the same hand, you apply medicine required for the eye. Sometimes there may be some minor differences between people but when we know that we are all the children of God, we can forget those differences.

The day on which Shirdi Baba shed his mortal body was Vijayadashami. And this Vijayadashami marks the transition from Sathya Sai to Prema Sai Avatar. Through Prema Sai Avatar, the Sathya Yuga, the Golden Age will come. This is the first ray of the Golden age. Kali Yuga, which is full of darkness of ignorance will end and Sathya Yuga, which will be effulgent will start. And within a short time there are going to be many changes in the world. In the same way as when seasons change, some plants will die,  new plants will come up, when this transition happens between Kali Yuga and Sathya yuga also only those people who are worthy of Sathya Yuga will continue to live, others will have to go. Many people are asking me the question – when will Sathya Yuga begin? I want to tell you that from this Vijayadashami, the Sathya Yuga will begin. It is not right for you to think when Sathya Yuga dawns, your hearts will be full of love. But in Sathya Yuga, if you want to develop noble and good feelings, it will be easy for you. The ultimate goal is Self Realisation – to realise our own true Self. When the road is good, you can go very fast. Similarly during the day, you can be faster than at night. Sathya Yuga means light and a good road. When both get together, you can move very fast.

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