Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Develop Self-Confidence – it is the foundation for your life – Summary of Divine Discourse on 13 March, 2016

Today wherever we see, there is the absence of proper understanding leading to absolute sorrow. Most young people think “I am useless, nobody likes me, and nobody needs me”. All this is happening because they lack self-confidence.

When you combine these two words self and confidence, you get the phrase self-confidence, atma vishvasa. We should understand what is this ‘self’. To think that this self refers only to our body and mind is a big mistake. Because both body and mind are impermanent, the confidence too is fickle and impermanent. One day or the other, body has to collapse, and the mind will become weak, then what will happen to your confidence?

Therefore, if you develop confidence in what is true and what is permanent, then your confidence also will be strong and permanent. In the word atmavishvasa, atma is the divine principle, which all of us can experience. When we depend on the divine, all our tasks will be successful. That is the foundation for life.

A bird may sit on a branch of a tree; because of the breeze this branch may move around but the bird is not afraid. It does not have the fear because the branch is shivering. Because it depends on its power to fly. Only when you develop equanimity of mind, your life will be full of peace. You will never get equanimity if you don’t have faith in the atmic principle. Whether students, young or old, first and foremost they should develop faith in the atma, not on the world.

When you develop self-confidence, it becomes the foundation for your life. What are these walls on the foundation? When you have self-confidence, you will get self-satisfaction. In all situations, you will always be equanimous and happy. You will not exult when somebody praises you; and when somebody criticises you, you will not feel depressed. This equanimity of mind is the true yoga; you should develop that kind of yoga. The foundation is self-confidence, the walls are self-satisfaction. The roof is self-sacrifice. Life in this house is self-realisation.

When you hurt others and when they are feeling sad, don’t tell them, “You are atmaswaroopa, you are the very embodiment of atma, don’t grieve over it.” To tell him that you should not grieve over what has happened, is not correct on your part. Everybody teaches but there is no experience. Only when we experience, can we teach it to others.

I keep telling all the parents and teachers to always speak positively, never negative things. Students are young, they do commit mistakes. Therefore, you have to develop this kind of confidence and courage in the students. When you pass through adversities, difficulties or failures in life, you have to tell yourself, I am atma and these things are only passing clouds; they will not affect me. Life is a kind of mixture, it is not only sweet. When we accept everything as gift of God, we will not grieve over it.