Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse during Alumni Meet (summary) – September 6, 2015 (eve)

When I call you all as ‘Embodiments of Divine Atma’, it is because of My awareness about your innate divinity. However, due to your infatuation, greed, delusion, attachment and ego, you think that you are ordinary human beings.  Guru is the person who leads us out of the darkness of body consciousness to the light of divine consciousness. But today’s educational institutions do not have even an ounce of spirituality. In our institutions, ‘educare’ is imparted which teaches the truth about inner realities.  As we build such institutions to provide wholesome education, all of you must take part in these activities and fulfil the purpose of your lives. True spiritual education is to broaden our horizons and consider the whole world as our family.

For whose sake are we doing all this? If a child suffers in hunger, the mother prepares food with all difficulty. Is she doing it for the child? The mother does it to remove her own suffering and sorrow. By looking at the child suffering, she undergoes suffering. Only after she satiates her child’s hunger does she feel relieved.

When Raipur hospital construction was going on, I told Srinivas that we have to start the operations within a year. Srinivas struggled and finally told me, “Swami, no surgery is possible yet.” To that Swami asked, “If your child has to undergo this surgery and if the surgeon tells you that he cannot perform the surgery, would you accept that?” It was then that Srinivas understood Swami’s pain. In Raipur, within two years, over 1400 children’s lives have been saved by our hospital. Had I allowed Srinivas to build the hospital at his pace for three to four years, what would have happened to these 1400 children?

And when we started the Gulbarga school, I told Narasimha Murthy that within a year, the school should be functional. If I had not built that, would it have been possible for the boy from Gulbarga to come here and give such a nice talk? He could have spoilt his entire future by joining bad company.

Therefore, whatever we try and do, we have to ensure that we have a time limit within which we should target achieving it. Because you (My children) are not yet ready, I am going at a slow pace. However, if you get ready, I would run faster. You are all bound by your own imaginary limitations. Already you have all the six qualities of Utsaaham (Enthusiasm), Saahasam (Adventurousness), Dhairyam (Fearlessness), Buddhi (Intellect), Shakthi (Strength), Paraakramam (Achievements). You have to put those to good use. Do my work with complete faith; I will take care of everything that is yours. Develop such belief and faith.

Today, I am seeing how all the five campuses have come together and I am getting a lot of courage. Every one of you is Mine. Now that you have come together, be together, work together, reach together and merge together.