Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse during Alumni Meet (summary) – September 6, 2015 (morn)

The scriptures declare that among all the species in the world, it is the human birth which is the most rare and precious and this body has been gifted to us for rendering selfless service. Having a body is common to animals and human beings. However, it is only possible for human beings to acquire education that provides discrimination and detachment.

You have all come here because I have called each and every one of you individually from your hearts. I am the permanent indweller in each and every one of your hearts. My relationship with My students is not that of blood, but of love. The extent of Love you have for Me, I have the same Love for you. Not just you, but I consider everyone in this universe as Mine. I have taken a Pledge that I would remove the sufferings of everyone in this world. My Mission cannot be just restricted just to education and healthcare. My true Mission is to bring about transformation within the hearts of each and every one of you. Only when you put your hands together to serve, the transformation happens.

All of you should keep ensuring that it is your responsibility to cater to the needs of your brothers and sisters. You can start with just one child and later on, extend your service to more people. You may keep saying that you are Swami’s students. That is your right. However, with every right, duties come as a mirror image. You belong to Me and I belong to you. Just like a Father has expectations only from his own children, I am commanding all of you, as you are all My children, to look after all My other children in this world. Many of you are in good professions and are having your own families. However, many students who study in our institutions are very poor. Many of these children’s hearts melt when they look at Swami’s work. This boy is studying in the 9th class. His parents are not earning well. However, just by looking at Swami’s work he also has been inspired. He put a ceiling on his desires and used to change four buses to reach his painting class during his vacation so that he doesn’t waste any money on expensive transport. He offered all the money he saved to Swami so that one more child could get education.

If a boy studying in 9th class has got this kind of mind, what should your thinking be like? To such children, we have to provide support for education. That is our job. I am looking after all their expenses. The tradition of Sathya Sai is to impart value based spiritual education free of cost to all. Today, there are only 5,000 children studying in our institutions. One day, there would be 25,000 students in our schools. The responsibility to build the schools is Mine. However, running them is your responsibility.

Today I am happy that all the alumni from all my institutions have amalgamated into one organization ‘Children for Sathya Sai’. You must be united and ensure the name ‘Children for Sathya Sai’ finds its fulfillment by making it an ideal organization for students across the globe. Work with unity, purity, truth, integrity and humility. My Blessings and grace are always with you.