New Year Celebrations – Summary of Divine Discourse on 01 January, 2016

If you lose your wealth, it is possible to regain it someday. If you lose a friend, it is possible to get him back on one day. If you lose your wife, it is possible to get her back later. If you lose your land, it is possible to get it back too. But once you lose this body, you can never ever get it back. The body is the basis of all righteous activity. If we do not have this body, there is no way we can do any action. God has gifted this human body to us with the only purpose that we walk on the path of righteousness.

I keep telling My students again and again “Start Early, Drive Slowly, Reach Safely.” When you are young if you do not tread the path of nobility and spirituality, when you grow up at no point of time you will be able to achieve it. There is no use of listening to talks in such satsangs. What you listen, you have to contemplate on it and finally practise it in your life; then only the teachings will find fulfilment.

The children have a natural urge in them to know about God and spirituality. It is the duty of the elders to encourage them to enquire into spirituality and clear their doubts. When they ask any question, you have to answer very patiently giving them simple examples which they can understand and telling them stories which justify your answer. When a young boy or a young girl approaches you, asking a question, you should never say, “I don’t have time now. You go away now. Let me see later.” Why do the elders do that? The real reason is that they don’t know the answers to the question being asked; that is why they say that. If the elders do not contemplate and practise the truths, then naturally they will not be able to answer the questions asked by the young people. The elders keep postponing good practices.

One who is sincere will always attain wisdom. If you are sincere in your aspiration that you want to attain God and lead a divine and blissful life, naturally you will pursue the path. Wherever there is Shraddha or sincerity of purpose, there is good practice. When there is no sincerity, you will not put anything into practice. New year comes, year rolls by; another new year comes, the years keep rolling by. If you do not have sincerity in your approach, you will never achieve anything.

One day or the other you will lose everything and there is nothing that you are going to attain. Don’t be proud of your wealth, youth and human support. In one minute, everything can be taken away by death. Whatever we have done in the past is already done and in future we do not know what we are going to do; both are not important but the present is very important. You have got the human birth, you have got the human body; you should also develop desire for liberation. Even the shelter with a great Master has also come to you. When we have such wonderful opportunities, it is our duty to see that we put every opportunity to good use. It is not right for you to keep on postponing doing the right things. If you want to get out of the cycle of birth and death, the only way is you have to experience your divinity.

You are always telling each other ‘Happy New Year, Happy New Year!” What is true happiness? When you get good marks in your examination, it will give you some happiness. When you do some good deed, people come and praise you; for some time you are very happy. May be you will get some award or prize then you will be happy for some time. This happiness stays with you for a very short time; it won’t be there permanently. If you want permanent happiness, true happiness is union with God. If you want to celebrate New Year in the right way, you have to achieve this unity with God. Don’t brood over the past; past is past. Future is not known. Present is omnipresent. When you take care of the present, future will take care of itself.

If you want to be really happy, blissful and divine, follow Swami’s ideal in your life. We have to follow what Swami is telling us: love everybody, serve everybody, get rid of ego and attachments and be happy. If Swami is with us, what else do we need? Nothing is required for us. When you offer everything to Swami knowing fully well, believing that He is going to look after everything, definitely Swami will look after everything. Only when you have such complete faith, it is possible you will develop that kind of self-surrender.

When you talk about New Year, know that it is just an event in the calendar. But truly every moment that comes is a new year. Therefore, every moment we should put to good use, get rid of ego and attachment, experience our own divinity and be blissful and become divine.

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