Divine Discourse on 25 December, 2015 (Christmas)

Today is a very sacred day of the Christmas festival. But only when we practice with sincerity the teachings of the Master and manifest it in our lives and demonstrate the ideal he set before mankind, can we find some fulfillment in our lives. What is the reason a human being, a man who was born in a very poor family thousands of years ago, is still being adored and worshipped as God? If you ask the question how it happened, you will realize that it is because of the quality of his sacrifice.

What did he really teach us? “All are one, my dear son! Be alike to everyone!” He taught the world the great truth that all are one. Externally we are different beings, but internally there is only one being, only one Truth, one divinity. Some of the youth have come here with a plan for blood donation. I asked them, “Who created this body? Who created blood? Whose is blood and to whom are you giving it? All the blood that flows in every being was created by one God. From the moment of birth till death, the heart is all the time beating and pumping blood; if you ask a simple question who is doing this, you can recognize the truth. All these activities are being done by God and therefore the body is healthy.

This body is not mine; it is an instrument granted to me by God. The blood is not created by me; it is a liquid created by God. Therefore you have to ask yourself a subtle question, “To whom are you giving this blood?” You have to develop the sense of unity that you are donating blood to yourself. We have to do every act of service with the feeling that I am not serving anybody else, I am serving myself.

Jesus Christ had only one Judas; I have many Judas. But where there is love, there is no fear. When you are fearless, you can achieve anything. If you want to develop fearlessness, you need to cultivate faith. Swami has not gone anywhere, He is with us. Within a very short period, the kind of service activities we have undertaken are going to spread all over the country. Not only the country, to every nation and they are going to serve all mankind and provide them protection and nourishment. Therefore, you be ready in your thought, word and deed. It is not just enough you utter the word ‘Swami, Swami’ in your lips; you have to demonstrate it through acts of love and service.

Within the next year, we are starting an International Centre for Paediatric Cardiac Care in Delhi. After Delhi, similar centres in Mumbai, Gujarat, Kolkata, and Orissa would follow. We are going to provide this facility of free healthcare for all the children of India. Not only children of India, the children of the whole world. But it is not just enough if there is Swami’s Will; your effort, your attempt is also required. When God’s Grace and His Will and human effort get together, you can achieve anything.

There is no need for us to enter into arguments “Where is Sai Baba? Sai Baba is here, Sai Baba is there, Sai Baba is not here, not there.” Whether you accept it or not, whether you speak about it or not, I pervade every atom of the universe. But if you want to experience My all pervasiveness and omnipresence, the only way is to purify your heart and sanctify your lives with love and service. My Christmas message today is that the best way to serve God is to love all and serve all. Only when you love all and serve all, you truly love Swami and serve Him.

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  1. Hayde
    Hayde says:

    Rules that i beleive to be of major iorpmtance:Do until others as you would have them do unto youNever judge another until you have walked two Moons in their moccasinsTreat the Earth well, it was not given to yo by you parents, it was loaned to you by your children


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