Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse on December 27 (Summary)

For everything in life there is some basis – firm basis, steady basis. If you want to see the immovable, the steady basis of everything in Creation, first we have to stop the movement of shadows in the world. We may live in the world but we should not allow the world to enter into us. In order to see that the world does not enter us, it is necessary that we realise the fact that all things that happen in the world are temporary and are of no consequence. All the things in the world come and go, that is why the world is called ‘Jagath’. ‘Ja’ means go, ‘gath’ means come. For all life in the world, the permanent basis is Jagadeesha, Lord of the world, who is the permanently, steadily always there.

Jesus first came as a messenger to propagate the message of God. He started his mission with a feeling of duality that “I have a Master that is God; I am His messenger.” And since he practised everything that the Master told Him, in some time he could find out that there was not much difference between the Master and his self. He could recognise the Truth because he not only spoke out what he heard from God but practised it as well. He demonstrated this ideal to the world.

After the age of 12 years, Jesus moved around and met many Masters and learnt lot of wisdom from these Masters. For another 12 years, He went around roaming in deserts, forests, towns and learnt a lot of wisdom. He came back to Jerusalem after 24 years. He entered the Temple of Jerusalem and saw that the whole atmosphere in the temple was polluted. Everybody was involving themselves in commerce and business and nobody was interested in devotion and liberation. He was so sad looking that the House of God had become a house of business that he went on telling everybody that this should not happen. The priests were very angry that a young man who had just come was teaching them. And when the Chief Priest questioned Him “Who are you?” he said, “I am the son of God.” When He was asked the question again, “How do you say you are the son of God?” He said, “To think just because I am born of a father that I am the son of that father is wrong. I became the real son because I practised the precepts that were given to me by my Father. Through practise I could recognise the Truth that I am son of God.” Finally when he was crucified, in spite of all the agony and pain, he prayed that God should forgive everyone. When he developed that kind of compassion and forgiveness, he recognised the Truth that he was one with God.

When the son practises the teachings given by Father and serves the Father, he will recognise the truth that he is a ‘Jeevatma’, a part and parcel of God Himself. The ultimate reward for complete practise of the teachings is that you will experience oneness and unity with God.

You think that this is my name, this is my form. That is all body consciousness. The mind has ego and attachment. When you merge the mind ultimately, it becomes God Himself. Mind is very important for us; we have to merge this in God. The most essential thing to realise this truth is to make our mind very pure and sacred.

The Christmas festival is not just about cutting the cake, eating food – that is not Christmas festival. Only when we demonstrate in our lives the teaching of Jesus Christ, does it become truly Christmas. We have to crucify our ego and attachment and get rid of them. You have to give up the body sense and the mind sense and have only the divine sense.