Divine Discourse on Ganesh Chaturthi (summary) – September 17, 2015 (morn)

In order to perform the three functions of creation, sustenance and destruction/annihilation, God who is formless adorned Himself into three forms. God became the creator, Brahma, when He did the function of creating the universe. Stithi, the second function, is management of the universe for which God manifests Himself as Vishnu. He takes the form of Shiva , when He does the function of annihilation. Each department does not have only one head; you will have his secretaries, administrators, workers. Therefore, God has arranged various Ganas or angels and demi-gods to look after various functions.

An incident happened when Shiva and Shakthi resided in Kailasha. Shiva, in order to perform his duties would always be going around the world. Shakthi felt lonely and, therefore, she created Ganapathi out of a cleansing powder made of lentils. She utilised her power and put life into that form. As the shape attained life, it became the child of Parvathi. When Parvathi was playing with Her child, Ishwara came back home and when He tried to enter the home, Ganapathi obstructed Him. There was a fight between them and finally, Shiva beheaded Ganapathi. Parvathi started crying and seeing Her lamenting, Ishwara felt Her pain and promised Her He would revive Her son. He told His servants to behead anybody sleeping with the head towards the north and bring the head so that he would transplant that head onto the body of Ganapathy.” When the servants went looking, they found a baby elephant. Therefore, Ishwara got that baby elephant’s head, granted salvation to that elephant and put this elephant head on Ganapathi. Ganapathi was like any ordinary boy when He had only a human head. When the head was changed into the elephant head, thoughts also changed. Therefore, Ganesha also started eating lot of food. Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny. Because of the elephantine thoughts that Ganesha entertained, his stomach also became like that of an elephant. That is why Ganesha loves food very much.

Once a word slips out of your mouth, there is no way you can take it back. Therefore think ten times before you utter those words. This is called discrimination. Why does God give so much of wealth to some people? It is so that the wealthy can share it with those who do not have wealth and earn merit. Our future depends on what we do today. If you win the grace and blessings of God, you will not face any kind of difficulties. Therefore, on this birthday of Ganesha, worship him, adore him and win his grace. This worship starts on the Chavithi or the fourth day and ends on Chaturdasi or the fourteenth day. But within three days you can offer your worship and on the third day, you can immerse the idol of Ganesha. But if you worship Ganesha only today, it is not right. Keep thinking about God always and you will not face any difficulties. Any difficulty that you encounter is a reminder to you to think of God. Therefore, think of God at all times at all places and you will not be subjected to any kind of difficulty or misery.