Divine Discourse on November 1, 2015 (Summary)

Devotion is not just involving ourselves in adoration, worship and singing bhajans or going on pilgrimages and worshiping many Gods and Goddesses. They are only external customs and are not connected with internal effort to know God. All the kinds of worship, adorations, yaagas and yagnas are good but we have to ask the question why we are doing all this. We are doing this in order to draw out the inner divinity within ourselves. Only when we break through the layers of earth and stone can we reach the water. All spiritual efforts are similar to this. The layers of stone and earth which cover divinity within us are the three qualities of tamas, rajas and satva; the spiritual effort is to break through these layers, and reach the divinity and experience it.

Tamas is a kind of inertia or laziness and ignorance which is within us. You have to conquer tamas through rajas. Rajas is full of activity. When we involve ourselves in activities, our inertia and laziness will go away from us. True rajas should help you to involve in actions which are pure, sacred and meritorious. Satvik actions are those which we do with the love of God. It is not just actions we do for the love of God; we should also love others selflessly and help others, that is also satvik action. Therefore, ‘no action’ is equal to ‘tamas’. Selfish action is rajas. Selfless action is satvik. So you have to conquer tamas with rajas and rajas with satva; and then we can find divinity emerging within us.

God knows everything. He will give you what you need at the right time. Whatever He does, He does it with a reason. Therefore, only those people who have complete faith in God can become the devotees of God. For people with faith, whatever they get today, they will be content. They don’t have any fear of tomorrow. Live in present! Present is omnipresent; past is past; future is unknown. Live in present! If you want to live in the present, first and foremost, you should develop faith.

Where there is fear, there is no faith. Where there is faith, there is love. Where there is love, there is peace. Where there is peace, there is truth. Where there is truth, there is God. Where there is God, there is bliss. When you do all the activities for the love of God, all those activities will become yoga. And when you do everything for love of God, tamas is transformed into rajas, rajas is transformed into satva. Your life will be full of satva; thereby you will get all joy and bliss.

Now the new hall is getting ready in a very short time. The hall will be inaugurated on 18th afternoon; all of you can come and participate in the inaugural function. Yesterday when I went there all the engineers told me there is lot of work left. At the same time they said, “Swami, if You bless us, if You shower your Grace on us, we will complete the hall and offer it at Swami’s Feet in time.” Can a monkey cross over the ocean? Can monkeys build a bridge? The power of Rama is so great.

Starting from 18th, there is going to be World Youth Meet till 23rd. Many young men and women are coming from all countries. Many renowned scholars will come and give their talks and also renowned musicians will come and perform. You have to put to good use the opportunity being given to you by Swami.

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