Divine Discourse on November 12, 2015 (Summary)

What is real sacrifice, thyaaga, and what is yoga? Thyaaga is not giving up hearth and home and family and going to a forest. True thyaaga is giving up selfishness in one’s life, in one’s feelings, and true yoga is union with God.

Life in this world is full of worries all the time. Understand, here is one ‘chinta’ or contemplation that will release you from all worries – that is the contemplation of God. When we contemplate on God, no worries will haunt us. What is the root cause of all the worries of man? It is selfishness and self-interest in his heart. All worries start from the feeling of ‘I’ and ‘mine’.  But those people who have firm faith in God and love for God are not trouble by worries. People who give up everything and commune with God all the time, they are in Samadhi; everything remains sama. Vivekananda had an equanimous state of mind; if he was ridiculed, he did not feel sad and when he was praised also he did not gloat. He accepted both with equanimity of mind. For a person who has faith in God, why should he get worried at all about anything? The reason for worries is that we lack faith. We have to develop faith.

True faith is that faith which makes you believe in God even during your adversities and difficulties. In happy times, everybody is a devotee. As long as God keeps on giving what the devotee asks for, God will remain God for the devotee. When God, Sai Baba, does not give the devotee what he asks for, He is no more Sai Baba, He is no more God. This kind of giving and taking is a kind of commerce and business; it is not devotion. Therefore, we should not ask God for anything, worry about anything; we should have the faith that God will give us what is required for us at any point of time.

You have to do your work as instruments; I am the one who does everything. All programmes will happen in a very grand manner and nothing will be lacking here. When Narayana is here, Lakshmi will definitely come. Whatever Sai says is Truth; it has to happen. Anybody may try to obstruct and put in obstacles; it is not going to stop. My Mission will always continue. If you participate in My Mission, your lives will find fulfilment, your lives will be sanctified; if you think that you are helping Me, it is a mistake. I always flow like the river Ganga. I don’t have any sense of difference. I do everything for everybody because everyone belongs to Me. For a man who believes in God and depends on Him, there will be no worries about tomorrow. That person would think – today I am devoting myself to God and praying to Him; that is good enough for me. If you develop that kind of faith, that is true devotion. Where there is light, there is no darkness. Where there is faith, where there is devotion, there is no scope for any worries. You should pray to God that is enough. Life will be fulfilled with all nobility and merit.

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