Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse on November 18, 2015 (Summary)

Wherever there is selfishness, there cannot be any peace of mind. Even in this age when the whole of mankind is filled with very severe ego and selfishness, devotion alone can stand in us in good stead.

A true devotee will not have any expectations. What a scene today, such a great act! The credit should go to My devotees of Singapore. Last year when we celebrated Swami’s Birthday, all the devotees and students were seated in the open ground. Only Swami was seated on the stage. I did not like My children getting exposed to wind and cold on that day. Not only students, even elders and other devotees being subjected to that kind of suffering, I felt very bad. I told only one word to Narasimhamurthy, “If for all the devotees and children we can put up a shed or a mansion for them to sit, how great it would be.” When he discussed this with the Singapore devotees, they came to Me offering to build not a shed but a real divine, vast auditorium within ten months.

All this is happening because Swami is here now. God cannot be comprehended with the mind nor can He be described in words. You can experience Him only within your heart. You have to develop that kind of pure and sacred love, which is not tainted by desires and expectations. If such people with pure love are there, they need not come in search of Me, I will be behind them.

I have built this big mansion in order to make people understand and recognize this great power of supreme, selfless love. Within a short time, I will come again as Prema Sai and in the same hall, I will grant My darshan, I will bless My devotees, I will shower My Love and Grace on My devotees in the form of Prema Sai. That is why if you look behind, you find on one side Shirdi Sai is sitting, on the other side Sathya Sai is sitting. In the centre we have left the place for Prema Sai.

Many devotees say we don’t want Shirdi Sai, we don’t want Prema Sai; it is enough if we have Sathya Sai. The forms may be many, but the Divine Principle is one and the same. We should depend on this Divine Principle which is inside, not depend on the external form in which He manifests.

My plan is a Master plan; it is not an ordinary plan. It is My desire that through the radio Sanathana Vani we should spread the principles of Sanathana dharma, which is nothing but the dharma of the human heart. Through this radio we propagate not only the teachings of Sai but the teachings of all the Masters, of all the Messiahs, and of all the religions – because there is only one Truth.

The service that all of you have done getting together with complete unity has given Me great divine joy and bliss. It is My aspiration that all of you would develop love, share love and enjoy divine Bliss.