Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse on November 19,Morning (Summary)

The whole of Creation has emerged from Truth and ultimately all creation will merge back into Truth. What is Truth? If we look outwardly – because we have got human bodies – we consider ourselves as men and women. Depending on the changes that take place in the body, the body gets different names. All this is just a fact but not the Truth.

In Truth, you will not find any changes with the passage of time. The Truth is the ancient one, the eternal one. The divine principle within you is the Truth. It is very essential that we recognize this Truth and behave accordingly.

Why did we organize this congregation? Its only purpose is to reveal to everyone the divinity within and to demonstrate the fact that all are one. We should not think divinity is coming to us from elsewhere. You are the embodiment of divinity, you are the child of immortality, you are the very form of love. Only when we give up ego and attachments, which are not our true nature, will divinity emerge in us.

In youngsters, there is great strength, brilliance of mind and devotion. And because they have all the three things – strong head, strong heart and strong hands – they can achieve anything. Why have many young men and young women come from all over the world to this little village? All of us are here to recognize this Truth. To recognize this Truth and cross over the ocean of birth and death.

Selfless service is very important. When you are doing service, to develop ego is a mistake. We are doing service in order to get rid of ego. Doing service and developing more ego is not correct. We have to do service silently. Nobody should know the kind of service that we are rendering. You have to do it for your own happiness and self-satisfaction.

When you are doing proper service, this body, heart and your mind will be on the right lines. All of you are here in order to learn this truth of service. When you go back, you should go with more love, more selflessness, more sense of adventure and more work – service. Enthusiasm, sense of adventure, courage, intelligence, strength, valor – where there are these six qualities, there divinity is installed.

If you light one lamp of love, through that you can light many lamps of love. You have to find fulfillment in your lives by lighting the lamp of love in your hearts and sharing it with others.