Divine Discourse on November 19,Evening (Summary)

The goal of life or the purpose of life is not being born again and again, dying again and again and residing in the womb of the mother again and again. The ultimate purpose of life is to lead our lives in such a way that we realise our own divinity and recognize the divinity in everyone.

Human life is very precious. To attain human birth among the 84 lakh species is very difficult. After having attained this glorious and divine human life, it is absolutely necessary that we utilize the opportunity very well. Death is inevitable, inescapable for everyone. The life before we die, we should lead in such a way that we are happy with ourselves and not sad. In order to attain immortality, sacrifice is very important.

The body is temporary. But Atma is eternal; is there in every one. There is only one Atma that pervades all the creatures in the world. “I am One. I became many.” God is the One and the only One without the second. There is only one Truth; scholars call it by different names.

If we want to attain the unity of all existence, first of all we have to give up our ego and attachments. If you want to do it, first and foremost we should know that becoming divine is the goal of life. What is divinity? Selflessness is divinity. Selflessness is the ultimate divinity. You can attain divinity only in the path of selfless love and selfless service and not in any other path.  If you want to become selfless, you have to get rid of fear. The fear comes because of the body. When you develop body consciousness, fear also emerges. When you develop divine consciousness, you will not have any fears.

There are many people who serve Me. If I just will, the whole world will join My Mission. I am giving you this glorious opportunity with the only desire that you would put it into good use and attain your divinity.

Devotion is love for God without any expectations. But where is God? He is present in the form of Atma in everyone. That is why service to man is service to God. When you serve people, you are serving God Himself. The best way to serve God is to Love All, Serve All.

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