Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse on November 20,Evening (Summary)

There is no devotee without God and there is no God without a devotee. There cannot be a mother without a child and there cannot be a child without a mother. The single reason why so many of the devotees have gathered here is that God Himself is here now. Though He cannot be seen, He cannot be listened to but all of us can know the truth that God is here in our own hearts. Only in a pure and sacred heart, God will manifest and we can see Him.

If everyone wants to see or realize their divinity within a day, it is almost impossible. But gradually if you can give up one selfish desire every day and develop selfless love and involve ourselves in selfless service, one day or the other we will be able to realize our divinity. Only those acts that help others will take us nearer to God. But criticizing others, ridiculing others will take us away from God.

We have to utilize this body for helping others. When we have concern for others, when we have love for others, when we serve others, the ego and attachment in us will diminish day-by-day. Therefore it is very essential that we use our discrimination. Whatever we think, whatever we speak, whatever we do, think if it is going to take us nearer or away from God.

Only when we use our discrimination to know what is permanent and what is impermanent we will be able to do those things which will give us permanent happiness.

Just knowing is discrimination, but doing is detachment. Many people to some extent have this wisdom. But they are not ready to do what is good. They are all the time running forward to do wrong things but never coming forward to do good things. When we want to do good things, you should do it immediately, you should not postpone. When we get bad thoughts and negative thoughts we should keep postponing them. If you postpone evil things, naturally one day or the other, they will disappear. Only when we train our mind this way you will be able to recognize the divinity.

By practice, we can also make our mind steady. Lot of young people have pure mind but they don’t have a steady mind. But many people have a steady mind but not a pure mind. Therefore both are required for us.

If you want to have the darshan of Swami, because He is inside you, you have to see Him inside you. See Always Inside – SAI – that is the Sai principle. Seeing outside is illusion or maya. Only if you look inside you can attain God. Many of you think Swami is here, now He is telling us so many good things; when we go back to our countries how do we contact Him? My dears! Swami is everywhere all the time.

Spiritual path is not for those weak minded people. The spiritual path is only for the bold and the courageous. Because you have to give up what is not good; for that a lot of courage is required. When we offer all our thoughts, words and deeds to God, then it is the right tuning of the mind.

Even before you do service you should develop the attitude to offer everything to God. Then work becomes worship and duty becomes God. It is not just enough you should offer everything you do to God. At the same time, you should give up the desire for the fruits of action.