Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse on November 22,Evening (Summary)

You may study many kinds of education, but ultimately you cannot escape death. You have to study that education which will help you to conquer death.

If you ask the question why peace and truth have become rare in the society today, the root cause is the lack of spiritual education. Students attain education in order to gain their selfish ends and goals and not for serving the society. In fact they are purchasing education, not exactly attaining education. But in our educational institutions for all students we are giving education completely free. Where do we get the money required for giving them free education? Naturally because the money for free education is coming from the society they also develop a magnanimous attitude that we should also help society. When you light one lamp, through that lamp you can light many lamps. We don’t need a matchbox for lighting every lamp. When you grant free education and combine it with spiritual education, naturally the student will also develop an attitude to help others.

When you think somebody is giving and somebody is receiving, naturally you develop a kind of ego. When you develop ego all the spiritual gains are lost. Whatever you do, do it selflessly -what you do with your right hand, the left hand should not know; nobody should know who is doing it, everybody should know that God is doing it – then our ego will not raise its hood.

All of you are sitting in this hall. Your heart is functioning all the time since your birth. Your inhalation and exhalation is taking place spontaneously; you are not doing anything. Food that you ate at noon will digest by itself; you are not putting any effort. When you ask the question, “Who is doing all this in our body?” The answer is God Himself is doing it. When God is doing everything we should not have any ego and attachment. Only when God maintains your body by doing all the activities inside the body, you are utilising the body and doing your work.

Never forget God. Never give up chanting of the name. God is there inside you doing everything for you. That is why you are able to lead your life. You should not forget this truth, always think of God, adore Him and lead your life. Where is God? God is in every one. If you want to love God, there is no need for you to go any pilgrimage and go to some temple. You can love God and serve God everywhere. The best way to love God is to love all and serve all.

All our students should become men and women of sacrifice, put the opportunity given by Swami to good use and the support given by the devotees to good use and then they should lead their lives serving society and enjoying bliss.