Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse on November 23,Morning (Summary)

The physical, inert body is made up of five elements – earth, water, fire, wind and space. Similarly, even the spiritual content of the human personality also has five elements. Only when a man practises the five human values of truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence, can he can be called a man. In the same way as the physical body is created out of five elements, even the spiritual personality of man is created by the conglomeration of all these five human values.

For the five human values, there is only one basis. Love is that basis.  Love in speech is Truth. Love in action is Dharma or Righteousness. Love in thought is Peace. Love in understanding is Non-violence.

The whole world is reflection, reaction, resound. When you give love, you will get love. If you hate anybody, you will get back hate. If you stand in front of a mirror and smile, the reflection also smiles at you. That is why I say the whole world is nothing but reflection. When you love people selflessly, you will definitely get selfless love from everyone. When you love everyone from within your heart, in that heart Swami will establish and install Himself permanently. And He will always be happy and will never experience any sorrow.

When you go back home to your countries whatever you have learnt here, you have to practice and propagate. You are carrying seeds in your hands. Only when you sow that seed in land, it can give you fruits. If you keep seeds in your hand and aspire for fruit, you will never get it.

When you contemplate on Me and enter into any activity all activities will succeed. Why do you face obstacles and difficulties? Just because we forget God at that moment. You do love Swami there is no doubt. But because Swami is in everyone, you have to love everyone. When you love Me and ridicule and criticise others, that is no love at all. When you love everyone then only you are loving Swami.

Swami has not gone anywhere. If you want a witness or a testimony for Swami being here, your being here is the testimony. If Swami is not with you for a moment, you cannot live in this world. Swami in the form of consciousness and energy is always in you; without Him you cannot live. As long as you live you know that Swami is there. Sai is the basis of your life. You have to make the basis firm by developing firm faith in Sai.

Sathya yuga has started no doubt but a person who sleeps even after sunrise there is no reward because he did not make the required effort during the day. In spite of the sunrise because he is sleeping, he thinks it is night. Whether Sathya yuga comes or not; that does not matter. You have to question yourselves whether your behaviour is in accordance with Sathya yuga.  In this age of love, Prema yuga, we should develop that kind of love.

My love and grace are there on every one of you. Put it to good use. There may be heavy downpour but if the vessel is kept upside down, you cannot fill the vessel. With My grace when your effort joins, you can find success. My Grace is always there; you should not be lacking in your effort. When effort and grace get together, you get success. As long as you think you want to experience your divinity, you have to put in your effort, not give up in the middle; you have to march ahead till you reach the goal.