Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse on November 23, Evening (Summary)

When a flower blossoms nobody needs to invite a bee. Wherever the sugar is, there is no need to announce it to the ants; aspiring for the sweetness of the sugar, the ants by themselves spontaneously come to the sugar. Similarly, there is no need to announce to the devotees where God exists.  True devotees looking for the divine sweetness of love on their own come to the personality of God.  When Swami was in the physical body, people from all over the world swarmed to Him, wherever He was. But when He has shed the mortal coil and is revelling in His original nature, even then devotees are rushing towards Him. If you ask the question why – even when He was in the physical body He always shared His love, showered his love on everybody and even now without the physical body He is doing the same thing showering His Love and Grace on devotees.

Swami is the very embodiment of love; that is why devotees come to Him to share His love. The relationship that exists between God and devotees is one of pure, unsullied, sacred love. However powerful a magnet is, if the piece of iron is surrounded by rust and dust, it cannot be attracted by the magnet. For the iron piece to say that the magnet has no power is a folly. It should instead recognise its own rust and dust. Similarly, because of the evil qualities in us God is not attracting us.

You are all asking for the Birthday message; if at all I have to give a message, there is only one message I can give you.  The best gift that you can give Me is to become Me. Everyone should get transformed into a Sai Baba. Every piece of iron already has magnetic power in it. When you get rid of attachment and ego, and put in your soul and heart into that effort and when you develop that kind of love, you also become Sai Baba. Truly when will Swami be happy? When everyone is happy, Swami is also happy. But where does the happiness lie? Is it there in this world? Is it in name and fame, treasures and wealth? Not at all! Happiness is in union with God. Only when we commune with the divinity within, we will know truly what happiness is.

When you are divine you should behave in a divine way. Why are we not able to do that? It is because of our selfishness and self-interest we are not able to behave in a divine way. Where does selfishness come from? Because of lack of faith you develop all the negative qualities like fear. When you have complete faith that you are divine, you are an embodiment of love and atma, then there is no scope for any kind of fear.

You have to value My word, listen to it, contemplate on it, practice it; then you and I will become one. I don’t need any gift from you. I am there in everything. I don’t consider others as others. If you put into practice whatever I tell you and become divine, become selfless and become pure and give that joy to everybody, as a father and mother, I will be very happy.

Lot of youth, young men and women, and lot of devotees have come from many countries. Nobody knows whether you will get this opportunity once again. Therefore the opportunity given to you just now should be put to good use.  My grace and blessings are there on every one of you in abundance. You have to put this grace to good use. If anybody helps me, or if anybody tries to obstruct me, I am not going to stop My work. I will never stop loving anybody. Even when anybody ridicules Me or criticises Me, I will not give up My true nature of love and I will love them also. Therefore, you should recognise your true nature as love and live with love, deal with others with love and serve others.

When all the youth come back next year for a similar meet, there should be great transformation in all of them. Will all of you come back next year? Come back as better persons. Then I will be happy. Be happy, make others happy; then Swami will be happy. When divinity is born in your heart that is my Birthday.

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