Divine Discourse on November 5, 2015 (Summary)

Are we utilizing the sacred life given to us by God in the right way? Not at all! From birth to death we are involved in activities to fulfill our selfish desires; you never put time to good use by thinking and contemplating on God. The only time we make good use of is the time we spend thinking of God. All childhood is lost in games and sports; when you grow up, you are constantly struggling to fulfill your sensual desires; when you get old, your body will be full of diseases because of the wrong way of life and hence you will be worrying all the time. You won’t get an opportunity to think of God.

Start early, drive slowly, reach safely. What this means is that even when you are young, if you start contemplating on God, when you grow up, it continues with you. H-A-B-I-T: With great difficulty, you remove the first letter ‘H’, what remains is ‘a bit’ of it. Even when you remove the second letter ‘a’, the ‘bit’ remains. With greater difficulty, you remove the third letter ‘b’, ‘it’ still remains. Therefore, it is very difficult to get rid of bad habits. When you are young you have to develop good habits so that they remain with you all your life. For developing good habits, you need a good environment and good company. Our educational institutions provide a very good ambiance for children and elders to develop good habits. As children develop selflessness, when they grow up also they will lead such selfless lives.

Only when elders have pure good habits, the children also will learn that behaviour. That is why I sent all the boys to Raipur. They would have only heard about it; none of them had seen it. With great enthusiasm, all the boys and girls went to Raipur. They understood the kind of selfless work being done after having looked at the free surgeries being performed on children. Selfless love is a very powerful force. Through love we can achieve anything and everything. A weak person is one who does not have love. If you want to have a strong character, you have to develop selfless love.

We should never do any duty without love. When you do your actions without love, it becomes bondage and will subject you to misery. When we do things with love, we never think it is a trouble. Do all actions that you have to do with love. You are only doing it in order to discharge your responsibilities. But the noblest is – love without duty. You have the atma sambandha, relationship of the atma with everyone. When you help others because of this atma sambandha, it becomes love without duty. That is the true relationship; all others are bondages. Swami knows what to give, when to give, how much to give to everyone. It is enough if you come to Swami and tell Him, “Swami, I want only you.”

All of you went to Raipur and came. Very poor people go there. When they come there; if father eats, mother does not eat. Now I told them to give two coupons – both for mother and father. There is a place called Mathruchhaya, ‘Shadow of the mother’, where the mother lives with the child. Mothers are also getting trained; no certificate is being given but they are getting trained on how they should look after the children before and after the surgery. Why are we doing all this for the children? Because of the relationship of love. I have sent all of you to Raipur with the aspiration that all of you will develop this goodness and purity and become divine. The future of this country is based on you. You have the responsibility not only for your family but to the society and the whole nation.

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