Divine Discourse on November 8, 2015 (Summary)

There are three qualities which always affect us. One is the tamasic quality of inertia; without conquering tamasic quality, we can never recognise the divine principle. Then there is the rajasic quality of passion and activity; if you don’t give it up, you can’t cultivate true devotion to God. But finally, the quality of satva or purity is the quality which leads us to liberation. This is the path of Truth, the word of Sai. The three qualities – tamasic, rajasic, satvik – are there in every creature.

The body is full of tamas. Mind is full of rajas. But in the heart emerges the satvik, pure feelings. Depending on this, I keep telling you that you are not one but three. To think that you are the body is untruth. The body belongs to you but you are not the body. The rajasic mind is also yours but you are not the mind. The kind of selfless love that emerges in your heart belongs to you but you are not that also. In fact your real nature transcends all these three qualities. But that quality which is nearest to your true nature is the satvik quality.

Depending on the permutations and combinations of these three qualities, different people behave in different ways. People who have more of tamasic quality are very lazy people. Because of the rajasic principle, man utilises all his senses and does all his actions. But rajasic is also a temporary quality. The changeless quality is the satvik quality; that is the principle of love. Therefore, we have to see that our rajasic quality comes under the control of our satvik quality. And we have to win over the tamasic quality through rajasic quality.

We need not follow any dharma; we just follow the atma dharma; that is the highest management. In management there may be many subjects like finance and other things but the important thing is man management. Man has three principles – body, mind and atma. Only when we understand these three principles properly, can we understand the human personality.

There are lot of people who claim that Swami also talks to me. May be; fine. But the Swami who is in everybody will give the same answer to the same question. But why different people say that Swami has told me different things? That is because they are not really consulting the Swami within them; they are consulting the mind – because of the noise of ego and attachment in the mind, we can’t listen to the voice of God. When we develop satvik quality and devotion emerges in our heart, then we can understand the divine principle.

In the word satvik, there is what is called ‘sat’. For knowing that ‘sat’ which is the Truth, satsanga, good company, is very important. And if we are in good company, we can really understand the true nature. There are lot of people who are trying to change others. First, you have to change. And when you change your vision, the Creation itself will change. When you listen to good things like this you think you have understood everything but when you go back because you don’t practice, you don’t really understand. Practising is very important. Sai Baba is hidden behind these three doors – tamas, rajas and satva are the three doors. When you open these three doors, you can easily find Sai Baba. All are my children; I want everybody to be close to Me. I have done my sankalpa; you have to do your sankalpa. You have to put in the effort to give up ego and attachment, get God’s Grace and walk on the right path.

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