Divine Discourse on October 25, 2015 (Summary)

There is nothing we bring into this world and there is nothing that we can take from it. But what is important is what we leave behind in this world. Only that which we have done for others remains. It remains in each one’s heart as love, compassion and nobility. Name and fame finally merge in the soil, but only truth and good reputation remain. You should always aspire that people remember you for your good deeds. When we help others, those people who are helped will also help others. And this help keeps on growing.

If you light the lamp of love in your hearts, through that lamp, you can light many other lamps. This body is the lamp, the oil is love in our hearts, and the wick is the mind. Using these the lamp of wisdom can be lit and we can light many other lamps of wisdom. People keep praying “Asatoma Sadgamaya” – lead us from untruth to truth. We also pray that lead me from darkness to light, from death to immortality. What is this untruth and what is this darkness? The selfishness and self-interest    are Asath (untruth) and arise out of body consciousness. When we develop narrow mindedness of “I” and “mine”, we will be subjected to that darkness, untruth and death. But when we light the lamp of love in our hearts, love others and help others, we will be led to the light of immortality.

Not by activity, money or progeny do we get immortality. We get immortality only by sacrifice. One who does not die, one who remains forever is immortal. The body will have to go, it is inevitable but your actions will remain in the world. Narayan Bhatt who established this institution, offered all his property and wealth for this cause and worked very hard for bringing up these institutions. Because of the great sacrifice he did, so many children today are getting education. Every tree grows up in one place and dies in the same place. But the fruits of the tree and the seeds are sown in many places and hence that tree continues to live in many other places. That becomes amruthatwam and that becomes immortal. When you light a lamp, sometime the lamp has to go out. Through that lamp when you light the other lamps, the lamp will continue to grow. Therefore, light has no death and that is what we mean when we say lead us from darkness to light and death to immortality and untruth to truth. This is truth; this is immortality; this is light.

Only through sacrifice, we remain immortal. Therefore, all of you have to develop selfless love and sacrifice and serve others. The joy that you derive out of sacrifice is immortality. Without getting into the water if you want to learn swimming, is it possible? First you have to make little sacrifices and enjoy the joy that you derive out of such little sacrifices. By doing a little sacrifice, we attain some joy. So divine joy will be a thousand fold more than this. When you experience joy in your hearts, I also experience joy. Your joy is my food. When you are all blissful, I will be very strong and healthy because bliss is my food. Only through sacrifice, you can enjoy that bliss. Through the joy of sacrifice, you will know the divinity within your heart.

Place your mind always in God, make your hearts full of the light of wisdom and share this light with everybody and give this joy to everybody.

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