Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse on October 31, 2015 (Summary)

In olden days Muddenahalli was the place where Sage Vishwamitra’s ashram was. Even Nandigrama was an ashrama. That is why finally Bharata also stayed in Nandigrama. The first ashram to be established here belonged to Vishwamitra and he made Rama install the first Shivalinga here. Therefore, this place is a very meritorious, sacred and pure. I knew all this when I came here the first time. That’s why I called this the land of penance, ‘Tapobhoomi’. There is divine power that pervades this place – because of the penance done by many sages and saints, the place has become very sacred. This sacred place is full of many sacred and subtle beings. You may not be able to see them physically; but they are all here. All the sages and saints have been waiting for Rama to come to this place. Therefore, this place is going to grow very big.

From next year onwards you will see many great hermits, yogis, and sanyasis from Himalayas and other places. The place will be always full. But because of periodic tests only those people who deserve to stay here will stay here; others will have to return. Therefore, this place will be enough all the time.

When you are selfless, you can pass all tests. Only people without ego and attachment can stay and do work here. Depending on the quantum of service opportunities we get, we should become more and more humble by the day. Actually, what really indicates your spiritual depth is your humility. As servants, the first quality that we have to develop is humility. Because there is only one atma that pervades every being.

The leader is the first servant. Therefore leaders should become servants. And for a leader to think I have been given the biggest job is not the right thing. You should know that Swami has so much of faith in you that you would do the work with so much of humility; therefore, in that kind of humility you have to perform your work. Nothing is impossible. And with My will and your work we can achieve anything. You do your work; I will pour Grace on you. The programme that is going to happen – the 90th birthday – will happen better than all the programmes which have happened here earlier because people are gathering here with the sacred feelings of love and devotion. We are not doing anything for show. It is not exhibition; it is demonstration. With your words, with your talk, with your work you have to set an example for everybody.

However long the journey, two people walking together, step after step, can reach the destination. You should never doubt that Swami is giving us so much work, will we be able to achieve it? Hanuman could cross over the ocean because he had the faith that “Rama has given me the work, he will also give me the strength to do it. I will put in my effort and Rama will look after the rest.” Therefore, even for a moment, don’t have any doubt. When you get together and work with unity, anything can be achieved.

Have faith, courage and enthusiasm; Swami has told us and we are going to do it. You do what your heart tells you. Follow the truth, follow the righteous way. You should not swerve from the path of Truth, from the path of Dharma, and also from the world welfare point of view. I am there with you and you will be able to achieve anything with Me.