Divine Discourse on October 4, 2015 (Summary)

What is inner transformation? It is not that you have to go away to the forest, give up home and do japa and meditation in order to attain God. When you give up evil feelings and develop noble feelings – that is when the transformation takes place. Head in the forest, hands in society is the ideal way. The satsangs or the discourses will find fulfillment only if you practice at least one little thing that Swami tells you in your lives and experience divine joy.

All the countries are like compartments in a train and India is like the engine. Since we did not find a good driver, the engine had come to a standstill. But now the engine has started working. Shirdi Baba was confined to Maharashtra; Sathya Sai Baba went all over India, established many centers and institutions and preached spirituality, but when Prema Sai makes His advent, He will go over to all countries and spread the message of spirituality. I am just laying the foundation for this movement of Prema Sai. I will enthuse people and inspire them to take to this path. Already people from ten countries are starting ashrams in their countries. And in a very short time, I will go to the seven other countries and start ashrams there also. Why am I starting all these ashrams and schools? It is difficult for everyone to come here. Therefore I am going to them. People should follow their own caste, creed and religion. I have not come to establish any religion or caste or creed. In every religion, there are two principles – love and sacrifice. They have to just understand the two principles of every religion and practice them.

Our true relationship should be with God and not with the world. The coming times are very great and glorious. The whole world will come to this place. If you want God, you should become good. Therefore you have to give up your narrow-mindedness, selfishness and self-interest and develop broad-mindedness and selflessness. Whatever you think or do should be done for the love of God. Ask yourself whether God would like what you are doing; only if He likes it, you should do it, otherwise not.

Mind is like a radio. Tuning is making the thought, word and deed one and the same. When you have that kind of unity, then you get purity. When you attain perfect purity, you will also attain divinity. When you develop that kind of goodness in you, you will be able to see God everywhere at all times.

Within a short time, the big hall will be ready. We are going to inaugurate the hall on 18th November. On 19th morning, we are going to inaugurate the World Youth Meet. A lot of young men and women will come here from other countries. We are going to have western canteen and Indian canteen. When Prema Sai makes His advent, a lot of programmes will happen in this hall. This big hall is required. A lot of devotees are putting in hard work in order to complete it within time. If you want to build such a big hall you require at least three years. It is only Divine will that will enable it to be completed within nine months.

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