Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse on October 8, 2015 (Summary)

Since a long time man has been trying to describe the nature of God. It is said in the Upanishads that the mind cannot comprehend Him, nor can the tongue describe Him. God is the resident of our heart and we can find Him only in our heart.

God is always full of three qualities – truth, goodness and beauty. Truth is that which never changes. God who is the indweller is not subject to any change. The second is Shivam (goodness), auspiciousness. That principle which confers auspiciousness, joy and bliss on every one – that is Shivam. The third is Sundaram (beauty). When we see something which is very beautiful, bliss arises in our hearts immediately. God is Eternal. He is never born, He never dies but He pervades everybody in the form of bliss.  He will always help others, He will never hurt others. He always confers bliss on everyone and never sorrow on anyone. Wherever you find these three attributes you will find God. Anyone who adheres to truth, who confers joy on everybody, helps everybody – he himself is God.

We should always adhere to truth. What is Truth? Body is like a water-bubble; today it is there, tomorrow it is not there. Mind is like a mad monkey. The mind tells you something today and something else tomorrow. And because the mind also keeps changing it cannot be the Truth.  But the heart always tells you the same thing. Therefore when you follow the heart, you can experience God. Heart is not the machine that works in your physical body. The true heart is the spiritual heart. That which is filled with compassion is the heart. Only in the heart where there is the sacred water of love, can we see God. When you give up selfishness and develop selflessness you can see God. Man is going around searching for God in places where He is not there, he doesn’t look for Him where He is. God is not in the external space; He is inside us.

What is the meaning of God Incarnating? With love and compassion for humanity, God comes down to the level of man in his world. Along with individual consciousness, he also enjoys divine consciousness. The God who is inscribed in the principles of truth, goodness and beauty cannot be found outside. Only God is real; the world is a mirage or shadow. The world is nothing but reflection, reaction and resound. The real object is God Himself. If you get the object, will you not get the shadow also along with it?

In God, there is the world. ‘G’ means generation – creation. ‘O’ means organising i.e. the one who sustains. ‘D’ means the one who destroys. Therefore in the word GOD there is creation, sustenance and destruction. If somebody asks you what you want, you should say – I want God. If you get God, you will get everything because everything is in God.

You are also God; I am also God; everyone is God. I know I am God, you do not know you are God. Know that you are God and become God. When you follow the truth and give joy and happiness by helping others, you will also become God.