Divine Discourse on September 20, 2015 (Summary)

There is Truth in everything; there is everything in Truth. In fact, Truth and everything are one and the same. That which changes cannot be the Truth – it can only be a momentary fact. The body is ever changing and therefore it cannot be the Truth. Only the human values practiced by the person – truth, integrity, morality –  is what stays permanent.

Many people mistake spirituality for the study of scriptures, types of penances or going on pilgrimages. They are only spiritual acts but that is not real spirituality. Adhyatmika, or spirituality means one who has surrendered himself to the atma or God.

Is it possible for us to escape from the law of karma? As long as you think that you are the body and also feel that all the activities that you undertake through the body are being done by you, the consequences, naturally, of all your actions will follow you.

You can analyse your own body in a subtle manner; you can know the Truth. This inert body is moving and all the activities go on because of the energy of the atma chaitanya. That energy is the Truth. But we forget the truth and when we start thinking that all things are happening because of me, the ego and attachment grow.

When you experience your own divinity, you will also experience that everything in the universe is also divinity. For the man who has experienced the oneness of this whole existence, where is the attachment for him, where is the sorrow for him? You want to really experience that, you have to get rid of your ego and attachment.

Love is the water, service is the soap; using both of them you can get rid of the impurity of ego and attachment. To the extent we love others, to the extent we serve others – to that extent we can experience bliss. It is not possible for anybody to change others. First you change yourself. When you are full of ego and attachment, the whole world will look selfish. When you think that you are divine, the whole world will look divine.

If you want to win My Grace, you have to give up ego and attachment. You come here with a mind full of the world; you can never ever learn the lessons of spirituality. Come with a clean slate and an open mind, then you will be able to learn everything. The one who has a sincerity of purpose will attain wisdom. Patience is also very much essential. Through the medicine and diet or love and service, you can get rid of this disease of birth and death and attain Godhood.

Only God is the Truth, the world is an illusion; God is the object, the world is the shadow. If you depend on the shadow, you don’t get anything. If you obtain God, you will get the world automatically. You should ask only for God. If you have God, you have everything. God is Truth. God is Love. God is Peace. Ask for God.

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