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Divine Discourse Summary – 08 December 2016

Divine Discourse Summary – 08 December 2016

To attain self-realisation, believe that everything happens by the will of God

Why are we born?  What is the ultimate goal of life? How can we reach the ultimate destination? True education is that which teaches us how to reach the ultimate goal of life. We don’t teach just bookish knowledge in our institutions; we teach and sow the seeds of devotion in the hearts of the children, and therefore they develop such good feelings.

All the students here have recognised the presence of Swami here and they are practising it.  But His form is not seen, His voice is not heard.  How can we know that Swami is truly here? Looking at all the activity that is taking place all around, you can easily conclude that Swami is here. Within a short period, building so many educational institutions and hospitals is not possible for any human being. It is not enough that there is Swami’s will or Swami’s grace. There should also be efforts put in by His instruments. And when effort is combined with grace, all things happen.

But people who are filled with ego and attachment are not able to recognise this truth. If you want to attain and experience God through the sense, you can never achieve it, because the senses are full of ego and attachment. But the heart can experience pure love.

Faith is the foundation. On the foundation of faith, you can build a big mansion. When we recognise that the self does not mean just the body and the mind but the Atma, the Divine principle too, then we will not be afraid of anything that happens in life. Then you will have self-confidence. On the foundation of self-confidence, we build the walls of self-satisfaction. Then you can put the roof of self-sacrifice. What is self-sacrifice? Run away from bad company, get into good company, day and night you involve yourself in meritorious acts, all the time contemplate on what is permanent and what is temporary. Giving up bad qualities is real sacrifice. All the bad qualities are dependent on ego. Therefore, if you remove the roots of ego, even the plants of bad qualities will collapse. Self-satisfaction is very important. What is self-satisfaction? They are not the pleasures of the senses. When you experience the joy of devotion to God, you will have self-satisfaction. When you believe that everything happens in your life – good or bad – according to will of God, you will always be satisfied. Only when you have faith in God, you can have that equanimity. If you want to attain self realisation, first and foremost you should believe that whatever happens in your life – good or bad- is the will of God.

When you lead your life on the basis of self-confidence, self-satisfaction and self-sacrifice, you will attain self realisation.