Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse Summary – 11 December 2016

Divine Discourse Summary – 11 December 2016

Serve selflessly to transform yourself

Today the world is on the verge of destruction. If we carefully analyse the reason for it, we would not find any other reason than the increasing selfishness within the human beings. In such a time of immense darkness, there is still a lamp glowing, showing the way or the path to the persons, who are walking. The lamp of love, which is lit here, is glowing not only here but is spreading through the hearts of many devotees, volunteers and students, everywhere. Few years ago when I called Anand and commanded that “You must serve breakfast to the school-going children. Give them a stomach-full of nutritious meal before they attend their classes,” he did not doubt whether it would really happen or not. He was only worried as to how it can be done. And this worry made him work extremely hard to make Swami’s words come true. He would wake up before sunrise because he had to get ready with his office requirements, proceed to the school 20 kilometers away in order to serve breakfast and then from there, proceed to his office and work whole day only  to return late in the night. There was no other support. He was not a student who studied in Swami’s schools or colleges nor was somebody staying close to Swami’s physical proximity. Yet in his heart of hearts, he always wanted to serve Swami and follow His command. Even today if you ask him, he is ready to give up everything and join Swami’s mission completely and serve Him. But it is I who has stopped him from doing that for he has responsibilities to shoulder.  Not only him, his wife also says, “Give me any work here. I will sit here and do, Swami. You will look after everything I know.” And therefore, both husband and wife are all the time eager to serve Swami, follow His command and they have no other desires.

His efforts inspired many more to join hands in this noble mission and today as you see, there are hundreds of them working every single morning to provide breakfast to thousands of children across many states.  It is not that they do not have any other work to do in life. Yet out of their love for Swami’s work, Swami’s Seva, they put in their extra hours of work every morning and fulfil Swami’s mission. We should never forget to pay our gratitude to God who has given us so many things and has made our lives so convenient and comfortable. It is a commendable Seva and we must be proud of this whole team of Annapurna. I bless that in the five years to come all these children will grow and participate in these Seva activities. Only when you serve, when you engage yourself in service, that is when transformation happens, not by seeing videos, not by listening to speeches but only by really doing Seva will you be transformed. Truly, God has given enough for everybody in this world, from the smallest insect to the largest elephant, from birds to bees to humans. There is enough on this earth for everyone. Truly whole nature is selfless. What it requires, it takes – not more, not less.

You are the hope for the future of this world. Grow up into Divine children. Grow up as sacrificing children and change the world by your good deeds. I do not expect anything from you in return except that you grow up into good people of character and service and serve everyone around you thereby giving them also happiness.